Demonstrator Mobs Orchestrated by Illuminati,
and Controlled by Telemundo

Chicago specifically and indicates how this Media tells the protestors when, where to go, what color to wear (white), what to do and not do and so forth.

Thus the so-called Spanish Media is NOT REPORTING THE NEWS - - IT IS CREATING IT.

It then begs the question who or what is behind the Spanish Media. It turns out that all of the ‘powers that be’ are allies of either Jeb Bush the brother of the current president or former President George H W Bush. Also included are very large numbers of Zionists.

In other words - for lack of a better word the Illuminati or the forces behind the establishment of a New World Order under a One World Government ruled by the Antichrist.

Sound far-fetched? Look at the evidence. ... ush-allies

Spanish Language Media Giving Protesters Marching Orders

Entire Newsmax Article: ... shtml?s=ic

Other news:

San Antonio ISD, according to Channel 12 news, gave students permission to demonstrate all they want to without punishment. They were pictured carrying MEXICAN flags.