Push poll failure to identify huge voter support for illegals’ deportation, risks U.S. civil war.

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Mark Lowry
May 28, 2007

Please don't misunderstand will of the American people or its intensity in the illegal alien invasion debate. We demand; not ask, our elected representatives to comply with our wishes; and prosecute and deport illegal aliens. You must enforce existing laws and not pass more amnesty legislation.

The NewYorkTimes/CBS phone poll says 69% of Americans want illegal aliens prosecuted and deported; the one accurately reported illegal alien invasion response. Most of the rest are questionable for a number of reasons.

The NewYorkTimes/CBS political "immigration poll" taken May 18-23 2007 and published 5-25-07 is a the worst of push polls and has been since its inception. It not only has internal conflicts, but conflicts with all other non biased polls. Flawed poll methodology is defined at: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/25/us/25mbox.html and raises more questions regarding validity of procedures used. This poll refers to "illegal aliens", the legal term used in United States legislation as either “immigrants