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Illegal alien sentenced to prison
By Gazette News Services

KALISPELL - An El Salvadoran who was in the United States illegally has been sentenced to eight years in prison for using a false identity to receive government benefits.

Tomas D. Ramirez, 44, was ordered to pay $18,000 in restitution for federal and state student aid and food stamps he received illegally.

He was told he would be deported again upon completion of his sentence.

Ramirez has a criminal record in the United States dating back 20 years, with convictions for burglary and theft in Napa County, Calif., in 1987. He was deported, but re-entered the United States using a different name and was later convicted of drug trafficking in Portland, Ore.

Between August 2000 and March 2006, Ramirez was arrested on 10 different occasions, with charges including three DUIs, drug possession and eluding a police officer.

Ramirez was found to be using a false identity when the man whose identity he had stolen applied for college financial aid and learned there were already some loans and grants in his name. ... llegal.txt