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    • Posted by Amy Mek
    • On July 5, 2020
    • Angela Merkel, asylum seeker, Chancellor Merkel, Facebook, Gehrenstraße, German, Illegal Migration, Immigration, open borders, Police, S-Bahn

    On June 29, 2020, a 25-year-old female German passenger, Marie H. was verbally and physically attacked by a violent “asylum seeker” as she and her dog rode aboard a suburban train in Berlin.

    Fellow train passengers stood idly by and watched. Instead of coming to the woman’s aid, one passenger took the opportunity to film part of the attack, which went viral. German police called for more “civil courage” from the public.

    Marie was on her way home on Monday afternoon at around 3 p.m. She was with her dog “Marni” aboard a relatively empty train on the way to the district of Höhenschönhausen.

    The 25-year-old woman witnessed a young man with a backpack being attacked by another violent migrant passenger. Marie wanted to help the man with the backpack “because the attacker was very aggressive and wanted to hit him” and he seemed to be “mentally restricted.” Unfortunately, when Marie intervened to help, she became a victim herself.

    The “dark-skinned man with a red T-shirt, baseball cap and shoulder bag, attacked her. He hit her violently, kicked her stomach, and in her head.”

    Cries for help are ignored by witnesses

    The kneeling young woman kept calling for help, while the people in the compartment stood around indecisively. Only one young man, with a wild curly hair and light brown trousers tries, hesitantly tried to verbally appease the aggressor in vain, who was enraged.

    When Marie tried to stand up again, the migrant stomped back over to her and shouts: “I’m ****ing your mama!” The girl fearfully held her hand in front of her face in anticipation of being beaten.
    “Can you help me, please?”, she implored to the curly-haired man. When Marie tried to create distance between herself and the migrant, he shouted at her several times: “Come to me! Come on, come to me!” and “You’re nobody!” “You’re nobody!”

    Man sneaks away, without helping

    While this is happening, in the foreground of the video, we can see how one of the passengers, a burly looking young man with a backpack, white shorts, quietly and inconspicuously moves from standing at the far right end of the compartment to the nearest exit without making any effort to help Marie.

    A few seconds later the S-Bahn stops at Gehrenstraße station. The man with the backpack leaves the compartment without further ado about what was going on just a few meters away from him. Near the exit where the young woman is standing, the sliding door of the train also opens. The migrant uses this opportunity to push Marie out into the open with full force. The young woman is desperate because her dog is still on the train.

    Despite the presence of the violent migrant, she tries to get back into the compartment to her dog. This leads to further scuffles. Marie pleads more and more desperately:

    “Can you help me, please, can you help me… please, can you help me… please! I’m getting beat up, please!”

    Shockingly, in the background you can see the strong, younger passenger in the short white shorts and the backpack, running away from the fight, but out of curiosity, comes back when the migrant is no longer there.

    Only the younger man with the curly head tries to dissuade the migrant from attacking again with a repeated loud “Hey, hey, hey”.

    Luckily, the violent migrant leaves the S-Bahn compartment and makes his way to the stairs of the Gehrenstraße stop.

    Victim reports on Facebook

    The video was posted on Facebook on Monday evening by the victims mother who said, “Please share, look for the man who mistreated my daughter in the S-Bahn today !!!!” It had around 1.7 million views, was shared almost 76,000 times and commented on by more than 300 users. The video is no longer available and was pulled down on Facebook.

    The victim herself made a statement on Facebook about what had happened:

    “I actually stood up for the man with the backpack, because he was attacked before me. When he attacked me, unfortunately the man with the backpack didn’t help me…”

    Apparently there were also Facebook commentators who criticized the victim’s dog. The young woman responded:

    “Many thanks for the ‘Get well soon’ wishes. However, I would like to address the people who think that think my dog should have intervened. I am HAPPY that he didn’t do anything! The guy was absolutely crazy and we were locked in the moving train. I don’t know what would have happened to my dog, my Best Friend and a living creature for which I have responsibility! I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself if something happened to him! My animal is my friend and not my weapon! Thanks-you ver much!”

    Federal police have identified a suspect known to them

    In the meantime, the Federal police announced they had identified a “suspect” who was previously known to them.

    The police also took the opportunity in their announcement to scold people, like the victims mother who post videos of crimes.

    German politicians, federal police and left-wing media do not want videos of the alarming and frequent migrant crimes circulating. Not only do they rarely report on migrants crimes but have gone to great lengths to shield the identifies of attackers and whitewash their crimes. Videos displaying migrants violent crimes challenge Merkel’s open border policies and positive narrative.

    This latest attack is just one more example of the suicidal effects Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open border policies have on Europeans. This incident is not an isolated attack, but almost normality in the suburban trains and public spaces of Germany’s big cities. The big losers of Merkel’s mass illegal migration continue to be women. Compounding the problem are German men have who seem to have degenerated into cowards who will no longer protect young helpless women.

    *Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the video translation

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