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    N.C.: Questions for Sen. Kay Hagan

    Posting only the questions regarding illegal immigration.

    When you ran against Sen. Dole, you got a lot of mileage by portraying yourself as stronger against illegal immigration than she was, saying "Illegal immigration is a threat to national security and our economy. ... The rule of law has been eroded as the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. nearly doubled and enforcement activity fell." You said that you would "work towards a practical solution that is fair to taxpayers and addresses the problem at its roots: by strengthening the borders, enforcing and upgrading laws that crack down on employers who knowingly hire illegal workers, and eliminating the shadow economy that drives down wages and working conditions." E-Verify, which enables employers to verify the legal status of workers, is the U.S. government's single most effective program against illegal immigration. E-Verify is free to employers and it has an accuracy rate of 99.6 percent. Yet, in a close vote, you voted to table an amendment that would extend E-Verify for another five years and now it could expire in six months. How do you square your words with your actions in regard to illegal immigration, and will you support E-Verify in the future? – Cassandra Dew, Raleigh

    I am strong supporter of comprehensive immigration reform, as well as the E-Verify program. The amendment to which you are referring was attached to the Omnibus Bill, which would fund the government through the end of the fiscal year and already included a provision to extend E-Verify for another year. Passing the Omnibus Bill was a necessity, since not doing so could have resulted in a government shutdown. Instead of loading up the bill with amendments which would impede its passage, I would support a stand-alone bill that would further extend the E-Verify system.

    Immigration has increased. Do you support a comprehensive immigration reform? Do you support the idea of accepting illegal students to N.C. community colleges, even if they pay as an "out of state"? – Nelson Smith, Durham

    I support comprehensive immigration reform and I do not support allowing illegal immigrants into North Carolina colleges and universities.

    We need to work toward a practical solution that is fair to taxpayers and addresses the problem at its roots. We must strengthen our borders, enforce and upgrade laws that crack down on employers who knowingly hire illegal workers, and eliminate the shadow economy that drives down wages and working conditions.
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    What a LIER and a FRAUD ... it's time to get rid of the Forked Tongues and Double Speak America ... this is a PRIME Example
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    Thanks for the post jean....This is an e-mail that i sent out to a few here in Nc (on a sunday ) and was sent back with -in hours...

    my e-mail:
    What does it mean if up to 300,000 illegal aliens get jobs created by the economic stimulus package?. What are you doing to make sure this doesn't happen to Americans here in NC?.

    Rep. Nelson Dollar:
    We have introduced bills in the General Assembly to address the issue of illegal immigration to the extent the State has the ability to do so. We have been successful at making some changes; however, the leadership of the House and Senate will not allow more comprehensive bills to be heard. We will continue to and speak out and press forward on these issues.

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Rep. Nelson Dollar
    N.C. House District 36
    Legislative Building, Suite 1209
    Raleigh, NC 27601

    Sen.Neal Hunt:
    over the years we have proposed bill after bill to limit benefits to illegal aliens and make NC less of a desireable destination. The majority party won't allow a vote on these issues.

    Sen.Neal Hunt:
    Deputy Republican Senate Leader

    District 15 (Wake County)

    Legislative Office: 919/733-5850

    Business Office: 919/781-3464

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