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    N.M. - Pearce town hall turns lively on immigration debate

    Videos at the source link.

    Hundreds of immigration advocates attend

    By Lindsey Anderson
    Posted: 08/22/2013 07:35:05 PM MDT

    LAS CRUCES >> Rep. Steve Pearce, R-N.M., took questions from a vocal crowd of more than 200 people Thursday evening in a town hall at the Las Cruces Dream Center.

    More than half of the attendees carried signs urging Pearce to support immigration reform and a path to citizenship for the 11 million people in the United States illegally, but attendees asked about everything from gun control to the federal deficit to impeaching President Barack Obama.

    Dozens of immigration advocates marched from the Holy Cross campus to the town hall, off Sixth Street, carrying signs and chanting -- "What do we want?" "Citizenship!" "When do we want it?" "Now!" -- in English and Spanish.

    "Representative Pearce has not been supportive of that, and, by being here, we're trying to get him to be supportive of that once he gets back to D.C.," said Angelica Rubio, who works for nonprofit Comunidades en Acción y Fé.

    Pearce, however, told the audience he supports a worker program, not a pathway to citizenship for those in the country illegally.

    "I'm uncomfortable making 11 million people citizens," Pearce said. "But if they want to work, let's take away the fear, let's keep families together. That's the guest worker program."

    "Look(ing) away" and legalizing those in the country illegally would tell the world, "You can come here in any fashion you want," Pearce said.

    One attendee challenged Pearce's statement that the U.S.-Mexico border is not secure.

    Pearce, however, cited his recent trip to the El Paso Border Patrol, saying less than 4 percent of those who cross the border illegally are apprehended and cartels are present in some 2,000 U.S. cities.

    "The idea that our border is secure is just not validated," he said.

    Factions of the audience regularly erupted in applause, for mentions of everything from immigration reform to impeaching Obama to the Affordable Care Act, depending on their beliefs.

    Though the majority of the attendees were bilingual and pro-immigration reform, there were scattered shouts of "Speak English!" if an attendee asked a question in Spanish. And many heated discussions broke out between the two sides regarding the limited chairs in the room.

    One attendee asked Pearce if stricter background checks for gun purchases would have prevented a teen from bringing hundreds of rounds of ammunition to a Georgia elementary school, holding staff members captive and firing at police. The teen was arrested without incident.

    Pearce said "America's heart" needs to change, not gun laws.

    "They don't have guns in Rwanda, yet (more than 500,000) people died by machetes," he said, referencing the 1994 genocide in the central African nation.
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    Here we go again. It is inexcusable that patriots fighting for the survival of our nation have once again been out numbered by the open borders, paid and organized lackeys for Zuckerberger's billionaire friends.

    Once again -- where are the conservative and libertarian chest beating big mouths? And gun control? Preserving the 2nd. Amendment is in much more secure that stopping amnesty. Once again, amnesty will ultimately destroy the political right. I am a strong advocate of defending the 2nd. Amendment, but there will be no 2nd. Amendment if amnesty becomes law. THERE WILL BE NO 2nd. AMENDMENT IF AMNESTY BECOMES LAW. STOPPING AMNESTY IS EVERY PARTIOTS' BATTLE.

    Why is it necessary to explain this to people who ought to be smart enough to figure it out for themselves? I am tired of those who can not figure out where their priorities ought to be. I am tired of gullible who actually support the amnesty peddlers because they may make happy talk about their favorite issue. I am furious with those who ought to be in the trenches fighting it out with us sitting on their behinds. I am furious with those who know better yet allow us to be embarrassed and out numbered time after time by the phony theater paid for by the mega rich. There are far, far more of us then there are of them. Where the hell are you people?

    Anybody reading this post, you probably know of people and groups that should be helping us yet they do nothing. Hound them, be polite and be nice, but be persistent. Give them no rest. Make them feel guilty. Be nice but lay on the guilt. They deserve it. Do not get into an argument about whose issue is more important, instead tell them their issue is endanger because of the push for amnesty. And lay on the guilt. And keep nagging them, nicely of course. Post to every rightwing blog out there: "AMNESTY WILL DESTROY ALL."

    I think our efforts will be more productive if we work to turn out those who agree with us than trying to make new converts to our cause (although that effort should not be abandoned).

    For God's sake show up at the town halls!

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