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Thread: Napolitano in Texas; Border agents told run and hide from armed illegal aliens

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    Napolitano in Texas; Border agents told run and hide from armed illegal aliens

    Napolitano in Texas; Border agents told run and hide from armed illegal aliensJULY 1, 2012


    Border agents are being told to flee when confronted with an armed suspect, not to protect the agents but to prevent illegal aliens from being hurt or killed at the U.S.-Mexican border, say Obama administration critics.
    Credits: DHS/CBP

    In what they termed "another nauseating series of Virtual Learning Center brainwashing courses that Border Patrol agents are forced to sit behind a computer for hours and endure," officials at the Border Patrol union reported their members are taught in an "Active Shooter" course that if agents encounter a shooter in a public place they are to "run away" and "hide." But on Saturday, while visiting Texas, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano had a different message, according to a government report.

    "If we are cornered by such a shooter we are to (only as a last resort) become 'aggressive' and 'throw things' at him or her. We are then advised to 'call [local] law enforcement' and wait for their arrival ,presumably, while more innocent victims are slaughtered," states the Arizona (Local 2544) Border Patrol web site.
    "These types of mandatory brainwashing courses and the idiocy that accompanies them are simply stunning when they are force-fed to law enforcement officers," state NBPC Local 2544 officials.

    "On the one hand, the Obama administration opposes local law enforcement officers being involved in immigration enforcement, and on the other hand the Border Patrol agents are taught to call the local cops when faced with violence being perpetrated by illegal aliens at U.S. borders," said former NYPD police sergeant James McMahon, now a security consultant and private investigator.
    "Are the lunatics now running the asylum? It's the most asinine instruction I've heard since [President Bill] Clinton issued an executive order to CIA agents prohibiting them from using 'unsavory characters' as informants back in the 1990's," McMahon told the Law Enforcement Examiner.

    “It is always comforting to know that for those of us who carry a weapon when we are off-duty, if we should encounter such a situation, stop a shooter and save countless lives, we can look forward to being disciplined or fired by the Border Patrol because we should have run away to hide and then maybe thrown objects at the deranged killer instead of taking action and stopping him with a firearm,” the Local 2544 web site states.

    Meanwhile, on the heels of giving over 800,000 illegal aliens non-deportation privileges, the three top Obama immigration enforcement officials visited one of the nation's Southwest border states on Saturday in what was described as a 'dog and pony show' by several law enforcement officers.

    Secretary Janet Napolitano, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (U.S. Border Patrol) Acting Commissioner David V. Aguilar arrived in Dallas, TX, on Saturday to participate in the Annual National Latino Peace Officers Association’s (NLPOA) Training Conference, according to a press statement.

    Secretary Napolitano told conference participants that DHS is committed to working with federal, state, local, tribal and territorial law enforcement to combat evolving threats and protect our nation’s communities.

    However, Napolitano made no mention of her nor President Barack Obama's punitive actionsagainst the law enforcement community in Texas' neighbor, Arizona, according to law enforcement officials.

    Without hesitation, she stripped Arizona law enforcement officials of their authority to participate in combating illegal immigration through ICE's 287g program, which enables local police officers and sheriff's deputies to enforce immigration law in cooperation with federal law enforcement," said former NYPD police detective Iris Aquino, a former member of NLPOA.

    In fact, there's talk within the nation's capital of ending 287g altogether, according to members of the news media.

    "This administration is not serious about illegal immigration, drug enforcement or homeland security. It's just one 'dog and pony show' after another. Napolitano's visit to Texas was just more pandering and empty promises to the Latino voters," said Aquino, herself a Latino law enforcement veteran.

    What surprised many observers was when during the conference Secretary Napolitano and ICE Director Morton presented the NLPOA Officer of the Year Award posthumously to the family of ICESpecial Agent Jaime Zapata. The ICE agent was assassinated in Mexico by members of Los Zetas drug cartel with at least one of the weapons allegedly linked to the Operation Fast and Furious debacle, although Napolitano and Morton made no mention of the gun-walking scandal.

    "I noticed that Napolitano and Aguilar never mentioned Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was murdered by a Mexican illegal alien using a Fast and Furious gun," said police lieutenant Stephen Ritter of the New York State Division of Housing Public Safety Department.

    "These political people have no shame... no shame whatsoever," Ritter

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    Liberalism at it's best=total incompetence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldguy View Post
    Liberalism at it's best=total incompetence.
    No incompetence, they know exactly what their doing by handcuffing border agents from enforcing the law even in a deadly confrontation.
    “In questions of power…let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” –Thomas Jefferson

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