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    NC:Immigration Reform Troubles Highlighted by Recent Event

    Immigration Reform Troubles Highlighted by Recent Event

    The immigration reform bill in the Senate that would legalize millions of immigrants is in trouble tonight because there aren't enough votes to pass it.

    If a compromise isn't worked out soon, the bill will likely die.

    Those developments come a day after a very visible display of the immigration problem here in our area.

    Several illegals were found in Gaston County and most of them were let go.

    Immigration officials let us know, they weren't happy with our reporting.

    Judging from the calls we got from many of you at home, its likely what they told us won't make you very happy either.

    Those packed into the van tell police they were heading here from Oregon. There was a total of 10 people in all.

    The driver and co-driver were arrested, the other 8 were free to go.

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Richard Rocha tells us, it was determined all of them were illegal aliens.

    A lot of you are asking-- why weren't they arrested?

    Rocha says it was not a case of low manpower; he says ICE concentrates more on situations that affect public safety.

    Rocha says the 8 did not have any criminal histories and did not pose a threat.

    And as we've seen before, being here illegaly is not necessarily enough for detention.

    So, what happens to the men?

    They given notices to appear in immigration court in Atlanta.

    We did some checking.

    In 2006 alone, more than 100,000 or 60 percent of non-detained immigrants failed to show up in Georgia.

    Rocha's response "They become immigration fugitives and when they are caught they'll be detained and transported back to their native countries."

    How many are arrested?

    Since May of last year a little more than 3,400 illegals from this region were found and sent home.

    What about the 8 Wednesday?

    They had no I.D., no luggage, and before they were let go... no pictures or finger prints taken.

    How will ICE find them?

    Rocha says releasing the men is like giving them bond. He says agents got enough information to find them if need be.

    Between 2004 and 2005 there was a 97 percent increase in immigrants who failed appear in immigration court.

    Charlotte is to get its own immigration court. The feds are in the process of looking for a location to put it.

    The hope is to have it running by January.

    Story Created: Jun 7, 2007 at 4:19 PM EDT

    Story Updated: Jun 7, 2007 at 4:19 PM EDT

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    ICE is not doing its job but I believe we all knew that. The raids were only a show by the administration to make americans believe that they were going to enforce the law.

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    Rocha says releasing the men is like giving them bond.
    Only a court judge can authorize bond! Since when is ICE authorized to release illegal immigrants. Hasn't Bush said, about a 100 times, that the catch and release of illegal immigrants has ended.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    Rocha says the 8 did not have any criminal histories and did not pose a threat.
    How do they know this if any of the illegals had false ID's?
    ICE needs to get with the program and deport them simply for being here illegally!
    "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results is the definition of insanity. " Albert Einstein.

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