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    Question Nearly 550,000 Migrants Remain in Germany despite Rejected Asylum Requests

    Nearly 550,000 Migrants Remain in Germany despite Rejected Asylum Requests

    BERLIN – A total of 549,209 immigrants remain in Germany despite having their asylum requests rejected in the past, according to figures released by the German government in response to a parliamentary inquiry.

    According to the report, around 75 percent of rejected asylum seekers that were accounted for (406,065) have remained for over 6 years, and nearly half (46.6 percent) of the total number held permanent residency permit, according to the figures published by the German newspaper “Bild.”

    Over a third (34.8 percent) of the immigrants in question have acquired a temporary residency permit, while the remaining 18.6 percent do not feature on official state records.

    The majority of people who continue to live in Germany after having their request turned down, had it turned down years ago: over 165,000 between 1990-99; around 220,000, between 2000-09; and more than 128,000 since 2010.

    Most of the foreigners who had their request turned down came from Turkey (77,600), Kosovo (68,549) and Serbia (50,817).

    According to the German government’s reply to the parliamentary question presented by the Left party, in Germany there are 168,212 foreigners “tolerated” whose expulsion has not taken place for a variety of reasons.

    The breakdown is as follows: 37,020 people lack a passport or equivalent identification whereas for an additional 107,400 foreigners the deportation is not possible for “other reasons,” such as in the case of failed states lacking functioning governments.

    A total of 10,620 foreigners have had their expulsion suspended as the situation in their home countries remains unsafe.

    Also, 3,407 immigrants can remain in Germany because they are studying or looking after sick family members; 1.762 can stay for health reasons and a further 440 are being prosecuted.

    The chief of the German Police Union (DPoIG), Rainer Wendt, criticized the existence of a “genuine industry devoted to the blocking of expulsions” and demanded an “urgent change” regarding this matter.

    Latin American Herald Tribune - Nearly 550,000 Migrants Remain in Germany despite Rejected Asylum Requests

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    Yeah, we could have told you so. It's really hard to get them out once you let them in. That's why citizens have to stand up and speak out as early as possible to defend themselves against their own government selling them out.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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    The central americans will not be going back, watch and see - they will petition for ALL family members too - the numbers could 20x the tens of thousands that have been let in because of an "act" that should have been repealed as soon as the magnet was discovered but then again, the gov't wants it this way. If the gov't did not want the central americans, the 15 million or so illegals here breeding like rabbits on our dollar or "refugees" from other countries that will also petition for family members, they would not be here.

    All of this influx competes for jobs, social services, hospital care, energy demands, clean water & expect more polluting factory animal farms, toxic pesticide produce farming polluting our air, water, land for the increase in food needed.
    The Chesapeake Bay is so polluted from chicken farming waste run off; enormous areas of dead fish zones .

    Do we really want more waters that have 5 legged frogs, fish that are male and female etc. This is what pesticides do to ALL earthlings, man or creature. Pesticides are read as xenoestrogens aka a bad cancer causing & mutating hormones. Men, women, our children do not need their endocrine systems adjusted by pesticides and other chemicals industry uses. Robots squashing weeds is being worked on but would pesticide makers Monsanto, Bayer etc really allow their industry to end - NO WAY! They will fight to stop progress.

    Suppose the trade deals will continue to push our food sources to far away countries with lax or no environmental laws; they don't want the county of origin marked either. This is unsafe, un-American - not up to our standards and should be stopped.

    Progress should be made in reusing waste etc just to take care of the population numbers now because the rate of people allowed to set up shop in the USA is off the charts. When algae blooms threaten the health and drinking water for millions of people that is no small problem.

    "No man may poison the people for his private profit."
    —Theodore Roosevelt

    the globalist & profiteers are destroying USA and our gov't has thrown our immigration laws out the window.
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