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    New AZ immigration bill has a real 'bite'

    Mar. 20, 2005
    Arizona Central
    Topics: laws, AZ, Proposition 200, security, Americans, Immigrants, Illegal Aliens, Border

    A state lawmaker is scaling back his legislation denying public benefits to undocumented immigrants, but critics say the measure would still significantly hurt those here illegally.

    Originally, Rep. Tom Boone sought to force state and local government employees to turn over to immigration authorities undocumented immigrants who apply to adopt children, take adult literacy classes and enroll in college, among other things...

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    1. And in my mind it is a bigge! State Employees do not want to judge if the applicant is an illegal or not. Because it is federal and state law ...everywhere you go .. that the moneys and services of the Federal and State Governments be dispursed to citizens of the State in some case, but to include citizens of the United States also, the need for those employees to make some judgement about the viability of the applicant should be clear. AND.. if the employee cannot judge if the person is elgiable, I know like a rock the employee has to pass the person on to an authority who can handle the issue. But it would cross my mind that if you could NOT do those judgements, you have the wrong job. Maybe dishwashing? There is no point to this point except that if push goes to shove, and someone was aware of job requirements, the employee who refused to judge could be asked to leave.

    2. Private colleges do NOT have citenzenship requirements. Not State.. Not Federal. Something there can be used to our advantage... somehow. Most certainly, it would appear discriminatory to provide tuition breaks in PUBLIC educational centers when a private school is out there trying to stay in business in this private enterprise country. Something is here: I gotta think about it.

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