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    Carranza is due in court today to face murder charges
    by Jonathan Schuppe and Mark MuellerFriday August 10, 2007, 6:08 AM

    The man who surrendered to authorities Thursday in connection with the execution-style slayings of three college students in a Newark schoolyard Saturday is expected in court this morning.


    Posted by Jerzeegirl1 on 08/10/07 at 6:26AM
    bhgirl, I agree with you on your first comment! This is yet again a wonderful job of the Essex County Court system. This scum bag had a 31 count indictment on raping a little girl over a four year period, and threatened to kill her family, and he was charged with assaulting some guy with a broken bottle a couple of months ago!!!! Why was he not being held in jail up to his trial? Look what happened to these four innocent people. He is a violent animal, and this animal should now be treated like one.

    Inappropriate? Alert us. Post a commentPosted by Berts on 08/10/07 at 6:49AM
    Let's stop with the death penalty talk. New Jersey doesn't have one. There's a death penalty law on the books, but the liberals in this state have decided not to enforce it. If this guy is convicted, he will outlive all of us.

    This guy appears to be an illegal alien who has had multiple run-ins with the police, but the Newark PD "no snitching" policy towards illegal alien criminals may have cost these three kids their lives. Another gift from liberals.

    No death penalty. Illegal alien sanctuary. Obscene property taxes. Political corruption up the wazoo. What the hell am I doing still living in this state??

    Inappropriate? Alert us. Post a commentPosted by STAR8111 on 08/10/07 at 6:53AM
    The feds are spending more time investigating Barry Bonds and his "creams" than fighting organized and violent crime.

    Why is it we can put Leona Helmsley, Paris Hilton, and Judith Miller (yes even scum like her) in prison but leave a violent offender out on bail?

    Try him, sentence him to die, and hang him from the highest point in Newark for all to see!

    As a parent I'm sick and tired of gun violence.

    Inappropriate? Alert us. Post a commentPosted by ruqayyah2823 on 08/10/07 at 6:59AM
    I sincerly hope and pray that this is not a rush to judgement. I hope that all that are arrested and charged ARE in fact the guilty ones, and not being scapegoated just to bring calm to the city of Newark. Unfortunately, the judges that set a bail and allowed this suspect to bond out the last two times he commited violent acts has blood on their hands because he should have never been given that LOW BOND in the assault against a 4 year old (if he is indeed guilty) and allowed to be bailed out to be back on the streets again in the first place. This all could have very well been prevented. It starts at the top. These gun laws need to change, and penalty for breaking them more severe. These prosecuters need to get off their asses and do some work in New Jersey. Too many violent criminals are allowed a chance to be repeat offenders, and too many MODEL citizens are being EXECUTED as a result of loop holes in our legal system.

    Inappropriate? Alert us. Post a commentPosted by Kavork on 08/10/07 at 7:29AM
    Its time for the people to take matters in to their own hands and hunt down these guys and give them what they deserve. The police cant protect you

    Inappropriate? Alert us. Post a commentPosted by nj007trenton on 08/10/07 at 7:44AM
    STAR8111 : The federals are very Bussy doing the entirejob not only that they have to do but in top of that the job the entire State Govr in NJ DONT DO .

    Thats why today you and many millions of victims of New Jersey only Pray and Wish that the feds could do somenthing because if the State ( Thats is thier Obligation ) would had done the proper thing . That is to care : Protect : Treat Every one with respect and Fairly Today you and many other would not have to go thru this Wishing and all this mess that we face in New Jersey Today

    You mention to me one case but one single case that you hav heard that it have bring in the justice system a very notorious case fro the State . Like Arresting Zulima when she betrayed the State and the NJ resident
    What about those who appointed her ?
    What about thelattes case of Ex Secretary of State ?? That Thoman Regena after many many tims showing her hate toward other races ?
    Those are serious crimes and the state what did to Stop it or prevent it ??
    The State only hide th crimes ,Even if you have high Crimes in Newark they wont realy care .. what wil happen here is " Mr SAmrrt A*( Mr Good " will try to once more play good lol for a few weeks
    and then the killing again

    Is a shame that the feds have to do not only thier job bu tin top the feds job
    Who wil combat here in NJ the Corruption and the theft towards the tax payers of NJ
    the tax payers of NJ involve hard working class , elderly females andmany times kids who have to work at young ages 11/ 12 to be able to Survive frm the Dirty filthy nasty Craws of the State of new Jersey

    New Jersey is ben proven not to treat all thier citizens equaly base on race ,

    New Jersey ( State ) isn ot and wont be able to combat the frauds and corruption Since they pass and sign Bills that will only
    comvict us you and me for a crime but it will excempt them or free them from any wrong doing and jail time
    Liek the last Bill it was sing and aprove back on 2006 , that after two years in the Service State employeees also Governonr will be free of any charges of jail time
    he can only get Empeach

    Will that same law will play to you and me ??
    they even get penssion and penssion form notonly thier name but so othe rmany names is not even funny .
    While The feds working so hard might soon wont even be able to enjoy not even their penssion
    #1 Might wont be there when they get to retire .
    #2 They might die frm a heart attack due to so much job the State live for them to do

    So why we should blame it on a Agency that
    Might be sick and tire of seeying and doing all the dirty job ??

    They only thing we can pray for is that the feds ask in DC for more man Power and Funds for THEM Only and bring Trucks and trucks
    to haul this crooks and give the State of NJ Justice

    Inappropriate? Alert us. Post a commentPosted by cyranojalil on 08/10/07 at 8:27AM
    There are no words to express the senseless act of violence that took the lives of these young college students. There is no consolation for the families that have suffered this tremendous tragedy, by the hands of individuals who have no respect for themselves or for human life. GOD will be their righteous, but awful JUDGE!. My heart and soul cries for the Aerial, Harvey, and the Hightower families. I pray that GOD gives you all the strength to bear the unspeakable pain and sorrow that has gripped your lives. FATHER GOD IN THE NAME OF JESUS I PRAY THAT YOU HEAL THESE FAMILIES HEARTS AND I PRAY THAT YOU WILL NOT LET THE LIVES OF THESE BEAUTIFULL YOUNG MEN AND YOUNG LADY GO INVAIN. I ALSO PRAY FOR THE EXTENDED FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND FOR THE RESEDENCE OF THE CITY OF NEWARK AND ESSEX COUNTY WHO FEEL YOUR PAIN AND SHARE IN YOUR GRIEF. I PRAY FOR MAYOR CORY BOOKER AND HIS STAFF THAT YOU WOULD GIVE HIM THE WISDOM TO COMBAT THIS AND OTHER VIOLENT CRIMES THAT HAVE OUR CITY UNDER SIEGE. THIS I PRAY IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

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    Mitsu Yasukawa/The Star-Ledger
    Jose Carranza is led by Newark police officers yesterday.Jose Carranza, a 28-year-old Orange resident, is considered the "principal suspect" in the slaughter that outraged the city. He is scheduled to be arraigned before Essex County Superior Court Judge Michael Casale.

    The arrest of Carranza and a 15-year-old boy came during a dramatic 13-hour span capped by the older suspect's negotiated surrender Thursday to Mayor Cory Booker outside offices housing the police department's homicide squad.

    The 15-year-old boy, who lives a short distance from the school where the killings took place, had been arrested about 11 p.m. Wednesday.

    Essex County Prosecutor Paula Dow said her office will seek an adult trial for the teen, whose name The Star-Ledger is withholding because he is a minor.

    More coverage:
    Key suspect gives up

    Star-Ledger video: Father of shooting victim Dashon Harvey reacts to arrests

    To his family, an innocent man

    Joan Whitlow: Escalating the war for kids' souls

    Tom Moran: In her brave heart, Newark finds a hero

    Juvenile suspect lived near murder scene

    Star-Ledger photo gallery

    Booker, Dow and Newark's police director, Garry McCarthy, said they were confident of additional arrests in the days ahead. Authorities have said up to five people took part in the attack behind Mount Vernon School, in the city's quiet Ivy Hill section.

    "We believe that others were involved in this heinous crime," Dow said. "We're looking for them."

    Two law enforcement officials with knowledge of the investigation said detectives were seeking to question another adult and two more juveniles. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity.

    The shooting's lone survivor, 19-year-old Natasha Aeriel, remained hospitalized under police protection. Killed in the attack were Aeriel's 18-year-old brother, Terrance Aeriel, and two friends, Dashon Harvey and Iofemi Hightower, both 20.

    The four, who were planning to attend Delaware State University this fall, had gone to the elementary school to listen to music and hang out when they were attacked.
    I will always Stand by the Eagle, I will never betray the Eagle, I am loyal to the Eagle!

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    This incident is unfortunate but now should be a good time for Newark to crack down on the illegals.
    I support enforcement and see its lack as bad for the 3rd World as well. Remittances are now mostly spent on consumption not production assets. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    I just saw the story on CNN and almost dropped my coffee!! This should become the face of this problem in our country. Oh I'm sure some open-border softee will try to paint him as living a hard life that forced hiom to kill those innocent kids. This is the kind of scum that crosses our border that Boosh wants to let in and roam free. I wonder how that man can sleep at night ???

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    Incidents like this make me sick. We had a Broward County Sheriff's Deputy shot by a 23 year old man from Chile. He has an immigration hold on him now. He came here with his mom when he was 2 and was recently working as a day laborer. In this case I hope they give him the death penalty as that way we know he won't come back.
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    and Bush wants to legalize them , he is freaking Nuts, Nuts, STUPIDITY IS RUNNING RANPID IN WASHIGTON!!! DAMN I AM MAD , VERY MAD!!!

    I fear for the safety of our children, how many scum bags like this guy are roaming free in our Nation??, thousands, when IS OUR GOV GOING TO OPEN THEIR EYES???
    I will always Stand by the Eagle, I will never betray the Eagle, I am loyal to the Eagle!

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    heard the news about the arrest, they mentioned the 15 year old is an American Citizen but they didn't mention the status of the illegal Hispanic guy ...cover up? is the media being careful not to offend illegals and their Politician panderers???? the Media is sick like Liberals

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    Oh yeah...he was illegal alright. But not only that, he was out on bail for raping a girl (who they said was between the ages of 4 and 7).

    Calderon was absolutely right when he said...."Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico".

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    This is something we hear over and over and we live with it every day. This is more reason why the fence should be built and enforcement is needed NOW.

    Two days ago a house was raided. One I had called ICE many times over the years because of the traffic in and out. The raid, happened next door to my daughters, scared my grand-daughter so badly that she has came to stay a while with me. And it makes me so angry that she had to be exposed to that. This kind of stuff is happening all over this country and no one sees it except us that live with it daily.


    It can be done but there is no will from our leaders because they are so afraid of offending Mexico and losing support of corporations and pro-immigration voters.

    So lets continue to let them know how we feel with all the force we have.

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    I will always Stand by the Eagle, I will never betray the Eagle, I am loyal to the Eagle!

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    The media doesn't want to say illegals committed the crime or they were not told that the person is an illegal. Situations like the one in N.J. and the deputy shooting is causing an even bigger outrage for those who know or figure it out. The deputy shooting made many in South Florida angry and someone actually put a link with the man's arrest record on line for all to see the immigration hold on him. In November of 2006 a Broward County Sheriff Deputy was killed and the 2 paople in the car with the shooter were illegals from the Bahamas. Today is a very sad day for the same sheriff's office as yet another deputy was shot and died early this morning. In the comments after the newspaper article people once again mentioned illegals as the possible shooters due to the last 2 outcomes.
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