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    New York City Wants Taxpayer Bailout for Low Wage Migrant Economy

    New York City Wants Taxpayer Bailout for Low Wage Migrant Economy

    by Neil Munro 27 Mar 2020

    Taxpayers should bail out the low-wage migrant workers who support the city’s elite economy during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report by the city’s comptroller, Scott Stringer.

    Legal immigrants and illegal migrants are part of the city’s one million population who are “too often ignored, underpaid, and overworked … [and] very often lack healthcare, have to travel long distances to get to work, and struggle with childcare,” said Stringer’s March 26 report.

    But Stringer’s plea for a taxpayer bailout of city’s cheap labor economy ignores the reality that Americans are impoverished by the elite’s support for mass migration, said Jessica Vaughan, policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies.

    The report cites impoverished “Nurses, janitors, grocery clerks, childcare staff, bus and truck drivers … those in our social service, cleaning, delivery and warehouse, grocery, healthcare, and public transit industries.”

    “Back in the day when these workers were Americans and unionized, they were making more than a living wage,” she said. Before elites encouraged millions of legal and illegal migrants to flood Americans’ workplaces, she said:

    People raised their families on those jobs — they were good jobs … They were jobs that people were glad to have, where they could support their families [and homes] on them. They had [medical] benefits. If that was still the system …. they would have good healthcare plans, and they would have sick leave.

    Stringer is asking for “taxpayers to subsidize the city’s cheap labor economy,” and to preserve the city’s policy of “corporate welfare through illegal immigration,” Vaughan said.

    The disguised plea for the illegal immigration bailout is spotlighted by Stringer’s back-handed admission that “many in New York City are also undocumented, meaning they do all of the above while living in fear of deportation under the current federal administration.”

    Stringer’s report touts the city’s high poverty levels, noting that 34 percent of “all frontline workers” are at or below the poverty line. — including roughly 35 percent of rail clerks and 39 percent cleaning workers.

    The report shows that 35 percent of cleaning workers and 27 percent of retail workers are either legal immigrants or illegal migrants:

    This high-immigration low-wage economic policy is back by business groups that get more consumers, more renters, and more cheap workers. For example, Stringer’s report was touted in a tweet shared by Todd Schulte, the director of, an advocacy group that was formed by wealthy West Coast investors:


    new study found 19% of “frontline workers” are non-citizens, “often placing them in a precarious and frightening position in this age of arbitrary ICE crackdowns.” #COVID19 #NewYorkUnited

    Nearly 1 in 5 ‘frontline’ NYC workers are non-citizens; comptroller calls for stronger support for...

    Nearly one in five workers on the front lines of the city’s coronavirus response are non-citizens, putting them in an especially precarious position, he said.
    10:02 AM · Mar 27, 2020·Twitter Web App

    Stringer did not ask for an immigration reform that would create a tight labor market where Americans workers could bargain on equal terms with their employers.

    Instead, Stringer asked for a series of narrow government programs that would ensure that Democrat city officials can claim credit for the taxpayer aid:

    The City and State should help provide free protective equipment and gear—including gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer—to all businesses … The City and State should subsidize [coronavirus] hazard pay for small businesses in order to properly compensate workers and help recruit new employees in these high-risk and currently understaffed industries … The State and City should ensure access to free healthcare for all direct service workers in “essential industries”—either via Medicaid or otherwise … the State must expand its unemployment, healthcare, and other safety net programs to cover independent contractors … bus service should be preserved while regular off-peak schedules should be maintained on the subway and commuter rail … For the remainder of the COVID-19 crisis, Metro-North and LIRR should charge a $2.75 fare for any and all trips into New York City … the City should offer a subsidy to any frontline worker who is interested in purchasing a bike or e-bike … Free and Easily Accessible Child Care for all Frontline Workers.

    Stringer’s report also wants city officials to recruit migrants to vote for Democrat politicians:

    Over half of frontline workers are foreign-born and nearly one-quarter are non-citizens … the City of New York must bolster pathways to citizenship and enable non-citizen voting in all municipal elections … It is only fair that those who pay taxes and provide essential frontline services to all New Yorkers should have a direct say in municipal affairs.

    New York City’s leaders “have institutionalized the use of illegal workers, and made them a fixture of the workforce in New York,” responded Vaughan.

    When this is exposed in an economic crisis, they want taxpayers and the government to bail them out with amnesty policies and cash assistance to these workers that they encouraged to settle there, while paying them substandard wages … The bill is coming due for the cheap labor policies that they encouraged [the city’s] employers to adopt.

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Make them self deport.

    Put our low risk Prisoners in jobs to work off their time. Many have child support to pay.

    Cut the welfare lifers off the dole and make them get to work. One parent can work days, and one parent can work nights. End breed and feed programs. You get help for ONE child for a lifetime maximum benefit of 3 years. Get on birth control, we are sick of paying for your romp in the sack.

    These illegals already work for cash, pay no taxes! They put their kids in our schools and they do not pay for that either. They get free taxpayer funded breakfast, lunch, ESL classes. No more, get them out of our schools, they have no student visa to be enrolled in any schools so terminate that policy that allows them to enroll. They have anchor babies and get the free stuff and live off our backs. They stuff 20 people into ONE home, live cheap, take our money and send it over the border.

    Any illegal alien who receives one dollar of our benefits needs a knock on the door from ICE and immediate deportation.

    The hell with you New York.

    Send them home!


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