Dear Friends,

It is down to the wire in the battle between the U.S. Senate and
It is expected that Senator Frist will call for the cloture vote
afternoon. We need 41 votes to stop cloture—41 votes to stop the
immigration bill from getting to the Senate floor for a vote.

Please get on the phones and keep calling your Senators—let them know
a vote to allow this bill to see the light of day is a treasonous act.

The bill is written to sell out our workers and our communities—it will
bankrupt our states, overrun our cities, and flood our schools and
hospitals. And it does nothing to seriously address the problem of

President Bush and Ted Kennedy are pushing for it…we must push back.
bill is nothing more than a complete sellout to corporate America!

Tell your Senators that they are either with America or against
America—and this vote will let the world know where they stand.

Please help us stop this terrible bill from passing the Senate—call
Senators and as many others as you can—then say a prayer. (Senate Phone
Numbers at: )

I’ll keep you informed.