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    Nogales Residents Say US is Building Border Wall on Mexico's

    Nogales Residents Say US is Building Border Wall on Mexico's Land

    By Brenda Norrell

    Posted on Thu Feb 7th, 2008 at 01:38:14 AM EST

    NOGALES, Mexico – Residents here say the U.S. border wall construction has intruded twenty meters onto Mexico’s land and are urging a halt to the construction of the U.S. Apartheid Border Wall, being fought by Indigenous Peoples all along the US/Mexico border.

    The Nogales site is located west of the Mariposas international border crossing at Nogales, which is south of Tucson.

    “A serious problem has resulted from the all powerful program to construct the 'Wall of Shame' by the U.S. government in this border,
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    This is so laughable!! Mexico has basically invaded the US and these people are crying about breaking international law. That just takes the cake. Occording to them the US has moved about 6 feet into thier country while their invaders are spread throughout the US....
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    They do jump to the dramatic at the slightest possible infringements don't they? I'm sure they didn't intend to steal 20 meters of land. And to call it an INVASION? LOL.... how about a misunderstanding of where the line is....that is if they are proven wrong to begin with. I mean how many times have they accused us of wrong doing when none was done. Their word is definately up for debate and they have a serious problem with exagerating simple things.
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    Mexico's credibility on most subjects is laughable.
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    Let's make a deal! For every 50,000 illegals you take back, we'll move the wall 5 feet closer to the U.S.

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    What A Joke

    So long as a wall is built...I really don't care where they put it. If these people weren't invading our country like ants to a picnic, then they wouldn't have a problem.

    So many American's are so afraid of being labeled a racist, that they just can't call this what it is...a complete breakdown of border security that benefits the rich and the poor...all while placing the burden on the middle class. I think the end result will be a two class system...the rich and the poor. If people don't start making this problem a priority, I can't imagine what the future is going to be like.

    I'm a claims I was forced to settle (6) claims at $2,000 each for individuals I knew were illegal. To add insult to their alleged injuries...the driver had no license, the van was not registered, and the accident occurred because the van was in such horrible condition that it broke down and obstructed a lane on the highway. None of them questioned by the police regarding their identities.

    In Danbury individual actually had the nerve to admit he was illegal and said it was the US that was making him illegal...why wasn't he arrested and deported on the spot. If someone admitted they had a gun or drugs, would that have been ignored. Why are the laws of this nation only enforced on the legal citizens...while the illegals don't even show up to can you issue a warrant for someone who doesn't have an identity.

    I don't blame these people for trying to make a better life for themselves...I blame the US government for their complete incompetence and disregard for what the citizens of this country ask for. They spend more time trying to get the "Latino' vote rather than working for the people who are natural citizen or have obtained legal citizenship.

    What a slap in the face to the immigrant who went through the tedious process of becoming an American.

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    Please join the battle here with us. The more voices we have, the better!
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    The wall of shame
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    Welcome to alipac "TATJOE71" glad to have you with us!!

    HA HA HA HA HA HA this is about you give it to us for the 1.4 billion you need to fight your drug cartel, or the free health care and education that 20 million of your citizens receive at the expense of the American taxpayers....what a low class petty bunch of freeloaders.
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    They said ranchers were obviously upset because the company began work without any notice or information and continued with "an invasion of Mexico."
    "an invasion of Mexio"! WHAT?!
    RIP Butterbean! We miss you and hope you are well in heaven.-- Your ALIPAC friends

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