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    Obama, McCain agree on many once-divisive issues (AMNESTY)

    Sorry if this is a dup. Haven't seen it posted yet. I've excerpted just the parts of this story that pertain to illegal immigration.

    Bottom line: while it's not surprising that McCain is openly supporting mass amnesty again, this further shows how deceitful he was during the primaries and how we should not support him just because Obama is so far left. If McCain gets elected, he will drag more Republicans over with him to the amnesty side, and there will be no stopping amnesty. And note how the MSM portrays two far left positions on amnesty as "centrist":

    Los Angeles Times
    July 13, 2008
    Obama, McCain agree on many once-divisive issues

    Although those issues are not prominent in the campaign debate, the candidates are also converging on the major issue of immigration -- to the surprise and delight of immigrant advocates and businesses who depend on their labor.

    "The best news all year is that after competitive presidential primaries in both parties, we end up with nominees on both sides who get it on immigration," said John Gay, an official with the National Restaurant Assn. who heads a business coalition favoring a legalization plan for undocumented immigrant workers. "That was by no means a certainty when the campaign got started."

    Most of McCain's rivals for the GOP nomination had criticized the idea of legalization as amnesty, and many campaign ads played on growing concerns about illegal immigrants.

    McCain had been an early supporter of a legalization program for the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. During the primary, he distanced himself from that plan and said he had learned his lesson, that Americans want the border secured first.

    But now McCain has shifted his emphasis again, indicating that as president he would push for broad legislation that tackles all of the country's immigration troubles, including the legalization question.

    Obama speaks more directly to the idea of legalization, and McCain addresses it in subtle terms, but advocates say the position is essentially the same.

    "Sen. McCain never really repudiated his [original] position," said Tamar Jacoby, who heads a business coalition called ImmigrationWorks USA. "Saying you're going to do it in phases doesn't mean you're not going to do it." ... 0667.story
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    This does not surprise me at all . A Rino is a Rino . I'm truly more upset with the GOP than with McAmnesty. Juan is an Idiot and a Ill-Tempered Bully . The Gop has now "Failed" All of America by backing Juan and he was dead in the water in the primarys . Juan raise's from the ashes' backed by the CFR and MSM ??? What this loser , this Pro-Amnesty Kennedy man is now #1 . The GOP is a very sick puppy .
    Look to Paul if he turns the convention .
    Voting for the Constitution Party and Dr.Baldwin and tell the Elites , our money our country . Feel free to get MAD
    Nam vet 1967/1970 Skull & Bones can KMA .Bless our Brothers that gave their all ..It also gives me the right to Vote for Chuck Baldwin 2008 POTUS . NOW or never*

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    The fools in business don't realize that once they become legal, the 5 buck an hour dishwasher is going to immediately demand 12-15.00 an hour. THe businesses aren't going to have the illegal advantage anymore....the ANSWER.....go out an hire some MORE Illegals. There will be plenty of them, I'm sure, when the next round of invaders begin.

    The idiots dont' realize it's a vicious cycle. Look at all the previous amnesties. 10+ years after an amnesty, there will be a demand for ANOTHER one!

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    I'm leaning towards Baldwin. If we keep voting for the lesser of two evils (the evil of two lessors) we'll always be stuck with bad choices like we have now. McCain and his fellow party elites have to pay a political price for thumbing their noses at the American people and supporting amnesty. If not, we will just get more John McCains.
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