Obama new DHS rules - border patrol agents stop illegal aliens with pellet guns

Photo Credit - The Ava

Kevin Fobbs
Cleveland Conservative Examiner

March 12, 2014

This new order from the Obama Department of Homeland Security has to top it all which requires border patrol agents be given pellet guns and tasers to protect America’s borders. Their goal is to prevent tens of thousands of illegals from crossing into America monthly with these deadly weapons of choice, according to Mr. Conservative. Just recently, the same DHS department promoted another high security idea. It told agents when you see illegals throwing rocks the size of basketballs, “runaway”.

Security at the border has to now be a standing joke among the illegals who swim, run, or illegally jump over border fences into America. Unfortunately this disarming of America’s safety only gets better for the illegal criminals that make border protection a standing joke.

According to the new rules set in Obamanized regulatory cement 21,000 border agents are no longer allowed to block or hinder drug smugglers paths as they try to make it into America with their drug shipment. Sound mystifying, yet Michael Fisher; Chief of U.S. Border Patrol signed the rules which tie both border agent hands.

So what does a border agent do? If a mass of illegal aliens come across the border? The agent(s) cannot confront them if they have rocks in their hands. The agents cannot stand from a safe distance to discharge their weapons to protect themselves. Border Patrol Chief Fisher is perfectly crystal clear about this saying, “Agents shall not discharge firearms in response to thrown or hurled projectiles… agents should obtain a tactical advantage in these situations, such as seeking cover or distancing themselves, reported Mr. Conservative.
Now comes the security agency DHS with the new deadly weapons of choice which every border agent can use…if Obama regulations allowed them to get close enough. Pellet guns and tasers have been ordered for use by agents so that these dastardly illegals and drug cartel smugglers can be immobilized. Sounds like a laugh riot but no one in America should be amused.

Ever heard of the phrase, “Stupid loves company,”? Well there must be plenty of room in the White House, because these rules were not advocated by organizations or officials engaged in defending the border, Instead, according to Mr. Conservative, the ruled came about based upon complaints from illegal alien advocacy groups. So in effect, the illegal fox has been put in charge of the defenseless American hen house with the blessing of Jeh Johnson, the new head of the DHS.

It America thought the borders were like a sieve before in allowing over 20 million illegal aliens to pack their bag to head north of the border, just wait until news spreads throughout every village and hamlet in Mexico. The new flow of illegal immigrants will be like an unrestrained volcanic eruption.

Oh wait…the border agents will also have pepper spray too as a deterrent. Now it all makes sense…not!