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    OK: Lawmakers pushes bills against illegal immigration

    Lawmakers pushes bills against illegal immigration

    February 16, 2011

    Lawmakers are pushing strict laws that target illegal immigrants.

    State Senator Ralph Shortey (R-Oklahoma City) is the author of seven pieces of pending legislation that focus on illegal immigration.

    A measure targeting birthright citizenship and a measure allowing property seizure for immigration crimes passed through the Senate committees on Tuesday.

    "If we cause illegal immigrants to self deport and go someplace else, that's ultimately the best goal here," said Senator Shortey. "What we're doing is writing good legislation that should be in place."

    Senate Bill 908 establishes criminal forfeiture provisions for crimes related to illegal immigration.

    Senate Bill 898 would require that state citizens must be born in the United States; be a resident of the state of Oklahoma; be the child of at least one parent who owes no allegiance to any foreign sovereignty, or be a child without citizenship or nationality in any foreign country.

    Shortey said the denial of Oklahoma citizenship will prohibit illegal immigrants from owning property.

    The ACLU of Oklahoma believes both proposed bills are unconstitutional.

    The organization says it is tracking well over 30 different pieces of illegal immigration legislation.

    "The immigration issue is a national issue. For whatever reason, Oklahoma thinks they need to be in the forefront of these anti-illegal immigrant bills," said Tamya Cox, ACLU. ... ?track=rss

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    ACLU.......How can this orginazition be named American Civil Liberty Union when it is doing everything to destroy America.

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