I thought when I read this that the war would be #1 but it is education??? Schools that bad in OK?


Poll: Immigration No. 2 issue for Oklahoma voters

TULSA, Okla. A new statewide poll shows immigration is the Number Two concern among Oklahoma voters, behind only education.

In polling since 1993, immigration hadn't shown up as an issue on Oklahoma voters' minds until last June. At that time, two percent of voters considered it the state's most pressing problem.

But a new poll of voters last month shows 12 percent believe it's the biggest issue Oklahoma faces. The response rate for immigration was up 4 percentage points from July and 10 points from January.

Immigration still lags well behind education as the main issue on voters' minds, though. Twenty-five percent of responses listed education as the state's Number One issue.

The survey sponsored by the Tulsa World and Tulsa television station K-O-T-V has a margin of error of four-point-one-nine percentage points.