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    OK-State Lawmaker:Border War is Spreading to Oklahoma

    State Lawmaker Says Border War is Spreading to Oklahoma
    Posted: Jun 30, 2010 2:49 PM CDT
    Updated: Jul 01, 2010 11:04 AM CDT
    Featured Video Lawmaker Looks to Expand on Arizona’s Immigration Law
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    Drug agents said members of the Mexican Sinaloa cartel came to Oklahoma to escape Arizona's new tough anti-immigration law.
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    Representative Randy Terrill is drafting what he is calling “Arizona-plus" legislation, which he said will be tougher immigration laws meant to keep the drug lords out of the state.By Jon Jordan, NEWS 9

    OKLAHOMA CITY -- The recent arrest of an alleged high-ranking member of a Mexican cartel in Oklahoma City has one lawmaker looking to strengthen and expand on Arizona's tough anti-illegal immigration law.

    On Tuesday the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics busted several suspected drug traffickers, including a high-ranking member of the cartel. The bust is part of two month long investigation. As for why the cartel tried to set up shop in Oklahoma, agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said the members were trying to escape Arizona's tougher anti-illegal immigration laws.

    "For anyone to think Oklahoma is a safer haven than Arizona or any other state is concerning," said Mark Woodward a spokesperson for the bureau.

    Concerning not just for law enforcement agencies but lawmakers as well.

    "We now have solid evidence that part of the effect of Arizona's law is to send the illegal alien problem straight down Interstate 40," said Randy Terrill, R-Moore, who chairs the Public Safety and Judiciary Committee. "The border war is spreading to Oklahoma. Tough illegal alien laws in one state create a domino effect forcing these criminals into other states. We need to respond by duplicating the Arizona statute in Oklahoma law and enhancing it."

    Terrill said he plans on crafting the legislation in hopes of getting it passed next session. He is calling the proposed legislation, "Arizona –plus illegal alien law."

    Arizona's law makes it a misdemeanor crime for an alien to be in Arizona without carrying proper registration documents required by federal law. In addition, it authorizes state and local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws.

    Terrill said his bill will include what Arizona has done but expand it to include greater penalties for illegal aliens involved in the drug trade and/or human trafficking crimes.

    "We particularly need enhanced felony criminal penalties for these illegal-alien, drug-dealing gangbangers caught carrying firearms," Terrill said.

    Terrill's bill would also expand the state's drug asset seizure-and-forfeiture laws to include all immigration-related offenses. Under state law, law enforcement agencies can seize property used in a commission of a drug crime. Terrill said he believes the same penalty should apply to immigration violations such as harboring, transporting, and concealing and sheltering illegal aliens.

    "Illegal aliens are not only a drain on our state budget but also create a breeding ground for violent drug dealers and gangbangers who victimize innocent citizens," Terrill said.

    The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics wouldn't comment on whether the legislation is something they would support but did say with or without it they will continue to go after the cartels with every means possible.

    "Regardless of what other laws passed in other states they are not going to be able to race to Oklahoma and it be a safe haven," Woodward said.

    Whether Terrill's "Arizona-plus" legislation every becomes law may be decided on what happens in Arizona. The federal government is expected to sue Arizona on the grounds that the state's new illegal immigration laws are unconstitutional.

    More: Mexican Drug Cartel Distribution Ring Dismantled
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    go get em Randy.

    we all know that drug cartel members are inviting a turf war in any town that two or more cartels want to run

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