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    Oklahoma selling illegals $2,000 Work Permits


    Oklahoma State Senator Harry Coates submitted Senate Bill 995 last Monday in response to House Bil 1804, which cracked on illegal immigrants across the state. The intention of Coates’ bill is to allow illegal immigrants to legally work in the state, a measure Coates believes will provide a boost to sales and tax revenues. Following the passage of House Bill 1804, illegal immigrants fled the state for friendlier ones like Texas which Coates calls a “devastatingâ€
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    OK State Rep for selling illegals work permits @$2K

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    Coates needs to go jump off a bridge and Okies need to vote him out of office. Luther Strange needs to uphold the laws of Alabama and stop trying to make it easier for criminals to break them, after all, that is the job of an Attorney General.
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    A way left reporting farce or Obama has his troops on Facebook
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