Swedish Lawyer: Client Deported to Wrong Country

Published November 16, 2011
Associated Press

STOCKHOLM -- A Swedish lawyer says police have mistakenly deported her asylum-seeking client to the wrong country, sending him to Iraq instead of Iran, and that he could face prison time in Baghdad.

Lawyer Emma Persson said Wednesday she has reported the error to Sweden's Ombudsmen for Justice since her client shouldn't be in Iraq and risks up to 15 years in prison for allegedly having falsely claimed he is an Iraqi citizen.

She says the 53-year-old man, Abbas Ofoghikouhy, was born in Iraq, but was extradited to Iran and became a citizen there. He fled Iran in 2002 and applied for asylum in Sweden, but was rejected and was supposed to be extradited to Iran.

According to Persson, police sent him to Iraq by mistake.
Police spokesman Mikael Hedstrom declined to comment since the case is under investigation.

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