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    Open border policy seeks unlimited access to cheap labor

    Open border policy seeks unlimited access to cheap labor
    March 28, 2007

    SIOUX CITY -- I have been a supporter of President Bush on most of his priorities for this nation, but I take exception to this one. President Bush is committed to allowing illegal immigrants a “path to citizenship” or “ amnesty."

    It has come to light why he is relentless on this issue. He has been working behind the scenes with the leaders of Mexico and Canada to create an open border policy that he and big business partners see as an unlimited access to cheap labor.

    For the past three years he has been working with the Commerce Department to create a superhighway that will allow Mexican trucks to go deep inside the U.S. before they are inspected. He is essentially opening our borders from Mexico to Canada.

    How does this help our illegal immigration problem? It just increases the opportunity for it to double or triple in the next 20 years. Who pays for this cost in social services? You and I.

    The best way for our nation to lose its identity and its sovereignty is to have a large population that does not assimilate, speak the same language, or honor our traditions and history.

    President Bush, through this process, is creating a permanent underclass of undereducated, non-English-speaking people who do not know our history nor do they respect it.

    The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America is the vehicle he is using to create this open borders policy. There are bits and pieces of this program leaking out to the media. What we know about the “plan” is horrible; my concern is that we are only seeing the tip of an iceberg. --

    Linda Holub

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    Good morning Midwest-America--glad to see that you are done napping! Nice of you to join us for breakfast---care for a cup of coffee?
    Title 8,U.S.C.§1324 prohibits alien smuggling,conspiracy,aiding and

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    Open border policy seeks to bring the USofA into a 3rd world status!

    That's what this policy seeks to do take the power away from the American people.

    Who the hell do they think that they're kidding? They know damn well that they can't do what they want to do because the American people are empowered as no other nation's people on the planet. They've been chipping away at our empowerment for decades for this very purpose!

    "keep em uneducated, poor & confused"..........the only way to control the populace.
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