Bloomberg has announced the Partnership for a New American Economy

Open Borders, Open Pit

By Daniel Greenfield
Saturday, June 26, 2010

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg seems to have a new exit strategy. After trying to spread rumors that suggested he might run for President, in the hopes that one party or the other would give him the V.P. spot, failing and struggling through a third mayoral election that he promised would never happen against a candidate who never bothered to show up and still almost beat him, Bloomberg needs a way out.

Sure he’s done a fine job amusing himself by scattering modern art atrocities painted day glo colors on the city hall lawn. He’s made Manhattan impassable for traffic, after Albany shot him down on his commuter tax. But waging a war on good taste and cars just isn’t enough. Nor is enthusiastically backing the Ground Zero mosque, spending ridiculous amounts of money overhauling basic city infrastructure like bus stations and firehouses to meet with his idea of architectural standards (transparent and on an angle usually). Now it’s immigration reform.

Bloomberg has announced the Partnership for a New American Economy, which is a fancy way of saying that he’d like to legalize a whole lot of Mexican illegal aliens which will somehow lead to a “New American Economy