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    somewhere near Mexico I reckon!

    OUR AMICUS TO SUPREME COURT (No. 2) -- Chamber Is Wrong That

    OUR AMICUS TO SUPREME COURT (No. 2) -- Chamber Is Wrong That U.S. Law Forbids Ariz To Pull Licenses of Illegal-Alien-Hiring Biz

    By Roy Beck, Updated Tuesday, January 4, 2011, 6:09 AM EST - posted on NumbersUSA

    Perhaps the most amazing part of the suit by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce being considered by the Supreme Court is its claim that Arizona doesn't have the right to pull the business license of an employer that refuses to use E-Verify.

    Our amicus brief to the Supreme Court provides our own take on the fact that federal law specifically mentions license revocation as something states CAN do.

    With nearly all the money in the world to spend on lawyers, the Chamber very well may have a decent shot had persuading the Supreme Court the equivalent of proving that red is bue.

    But we will hope the Court rules more logically than that. Our movement has much riding on the decision.

    The ability of states to force businesses to hire legal workers by using E-Verify is key to the gains our movement hopes to achieve in 2011. More states adopting madatory E-Verify laws can result in hundreds of thousands of unemployed American getting back to work this year (and probably millions over the next few years) by opening up jobs that otherwise would be filled by illegal aliens.

    Below, find this particular argument (about ability to pull business licenses) from our amicus to the Supreme Court. My comments will be interjected in this format.

    The language of the text is necessarily complex because it is written in legal style for the Supreme Court. Most of the statements in the argument come from previous court rulings that would seem to support our argument. I've tried to highlight in red passages that can give you a quick indication of the thrust of the argument.

    -- Roy Beck, Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA


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    I still say this is all obama doing. & no two way about it .
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    Quote Originally Posted by southBronx
    I still say this is all obama doing. & no two way about it .
    The bigest opponet to E-verify and secure borders has been the U.S. Chanmber of Commerce. They have opposed immigration enforcement for years. They lobby Congress to oppose enforcement and they contribute big bucks to any polititian that supports their agenda.

    Somehow, we need to turn this around. E-Verify must become our no. 1 priority, especially if the U.S. Supreme Ct upholds it in AZ. E-verify will do more than a border fence, Secure Communities, etc., for it will effectively "turn off" the jobs magnet that attracts so many illegal aliens. They simply can't survive wo a job. It's not a "fail safe" solution, but it would be a turning point of this fight. (Like the battle of Midway)

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    Abolish the chamber of commerce as it is now the GLOBALIST chamber of commerce.
    You cannot dedicate yourself to America unless you become in every
    respect and with every purpose of your will thoroughly Americans. You
    cannot become thoroughly Americans if you think of yourselves in groups. President Woodrow Wilson

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    I see a very very weak case against Arizona. There is no way this could be legally interpretted to shoot down the Arizona law as it stands.

    The main arguement I see is saying taking away a business liscense is a "Death Penalty" yet they say that the law giving Arizona the right to remove liscenses of business owners is to broad and needs to be narrowed down and defined. However if they buy the "Death Penalty" arguement they open a can of worms on the "Death Penalty" applies to finances as well as a persons actual life. They would in essence be expanding and making "Death Penalty" a broad term that is loosely undefined.

    If this gets shot down on the bogus death penalty arguement we should be able to sue business's that hire illegals along with states / cities that provide sanctuary to illegals contending they are imposing a "Death Penalty" on citizens because of financial meltdown due to hiring illegals and keeping them safe from the law.

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    Roy, good work. Thanks.

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