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    Part 12: The Kennedy-McCain Amnesty Scam

    May 26, 2005 Vol. 05, No. 145

    Part 12: The The Kennedy-McCain Amnesty Scam
    Don't be fooled by peddlers of ‘Immigration Reform’ Scams
    By S. J. Miller

    Check out the headlines describing what 2 "open borders" Senators and 3 "open borders" Congressmen produce:

    McCain, Kennedy team on immigration plan (1)
    McCain, Kennedy would fine, not deport, entrants (2)
    McCain says immigrant bill out next week (3)
    McCain, Kennedy introduce immigration reform bill (4)
    Bill would give illegals visas (5)
    Legal path for migrants; McCain, Kennedy unveil sweeping reform bill (6)
    Bills could grant legality to 10 million immigrants (7)
    Bill would revamp Immigrant worker rules (

    None dare call it amnesty. None dare call them illegal aliens, either. They don't call their bill an amnesty; it's an "immigration plan," "immigration reform," "legal path," "sweeping reform," or "grants legality." Nor will they admit it benefits ILLEGAL ALIENS. Instead, they're "immigrants," "entrants" or "migrants," none of which is true. Let's look at the "McCaineddy Scamnesty:"
    (1) Amnesty for Employers' past hiring of illegal aliens. Two new PERMANENT (not "one-time only") visa programs:
    (2) "Guest worker visas" (H5-A) & families for $500 fee

    400,000 more unskilled foreign workers annually and unlimited family members allowed to come

    If employers "use up" the allotment, the 400,000 automatically increases up to 20% for that year and next year.

    Likely Result: At 3 family members per "worker," 1.5 million new legal "guest-workers" and family members every year, doubling the current 1 million legal immigrants

    After 4 years, "guest workers" & family members may apply for permanent residency, making them eligibile for public welfare programs.

    (3) "Amnesty visas" (H5-B) for illegal aliens & families in the US

    unlimited "amnesty visas," allowing 6 years' stay in the US for illegal aliens, spouses & children

    Apply and pay a $2000 "fine."

    It's continuing, not "one-time only."

    About the "fine�:

    "Defraying American taxpayers costs" is baloney. At $7,000 per child per school year, $2000 doesn't even pay one year's "free education" for an illegal alien's children.

    Had illegal aliens applied via legal channels, they would have paid more than $1000 in fees and costs anyway. Is it really a "fine" or is the government just "recovering an uncollected payment?"

    (4) "Border Security"

    (a) Creates Border Security Committees, strategies, and reports
    (b) The US will provide "technical assistance, vehicles and equipment" to assist Mexico and Central America in enforcing their borders.
    (c) No mention of strengthening or enforcing US borders
    (d) Requires machine-readable immigration documents
    (e) Replaces the current "I-9" papers with an electronic work authorization system.
    (d) and (e) are "red herrings" suggesting future illegal immigration prevention. At best, these measures will be delayed for years. Congress will delay funding for years followed by "operational" delays. And employers are only required to check applicants through the system; they aren't preented from hiring those don't clear the system!

    Recall that the Workplace Verification Program promised with the 1986 "one-time only" amnesty was finally delivered in 2004 (18 years later)! Worse, employers atill aren't required to use it!

    Naturally, the new "amnesty visas" will be promptly funded and delivered; no delay there.

    (5) Other outrageous Provisions:

    (a) "Guestworker visas," "amnesty visas" and their family members will be eligible for Medicare!
    (b) A 20% increase in "federal reimbursement dollars" (translated 'taxpayers' money') to states for imprisoning illegal aliens.

    (a) and (b) are to sell the "McCaineddy Scamnesty" to state governments who complain of the illegal alien costs dumped on them. Shifting medical costs to the federal Medicare plan takes the states off the hook. McCain and Kennedy aren't conceerned about taking the American taxpayer off the hook.

    (c) Creates the US Citizenship Foundation (another "foundation" funded by taxpayer money) to pay for "citizenship" classes in English and civics. The money can be given to local school districts, private foundations or non-profit organizations.
    (d) International organizations (like Red Cross & Amnesty International) can arrange automatic temporary US residence to children without parents and women without spouses who come to US consuls abroad. They automatically receive permanent resident status within one year of their arrival in the US.
    (e) Religious groups and their charitable organizations are allowed to provide sanctuary to illegal aliens.

    What do the Senators say?
    On the May 15 2005 This Week, John McCain insisted that his legislation is NOT amnesty and that it meets the President's "willing employer, willing worker" principle.

    McCain defended cancelling illegal alien deportations: "I can envision the scenario where 4 and 5 year old children and 70 and 80 year old men and women are loaded onto busses or airplanes and sent back to the country from which they came. Not to mention the expense associated with it. It's not practical." (Remember the "We can't deport 12 million..." Scam?)

    Kennedy's claim that his bill doesn't allow illegals to "go to the head of the line" in front of legal immigrants is nonsense. Illegal aliens already took and get to keep what legal applicants worldwide wait in line to obtain: legal permission to live and/or work in the US.

    Preventing illegal aliens "going to the head of the line" requires they return home to apply for legalization; it's the only way we have to actually decide who can and who can't enter. The bill doesn't require that because it would hinder "cheap labor employers" goal of retaining their illegal employees.

    Nor would illegal aliens "participate" if they had to return home. Many have evaded capture for years and won't suddenly begin obeying the law unless they fear apprehension from future strict enforcement. This bill doesn't even hint at "strict enforcement."

    Under Kennedy-McCain, any illegal alien in the US will receive an "amnesty visa."

    Don't be fooled by the "6-year amnesty visa." When Americans' vehement protests against amnesty die down, the "open borders" crowd will quietly pass legislation making this "visa amnesty" permanent.

    Don't be fooled that "McCaineddy Scamnesty" doesn't mention citizenship. Gaining permanent residence puts an H5-A or H5-B visa holder on the "path to citizenship." They also become eligible for public benefits: welfare payments, food stamps, housing and utility subsidies and others.

    The "reality" of amnesties.
    Any "safeguards" or "restrictions" Kennedy & McCain tout will never be enforced. Such "safeguards" are strictly window-dressing to soothe voters' outrage and convince them that it's "not an amnesty." Both the authors and congressional supporters know this from the start.

    For example, "amnesty visa" applicants must pass a criminal background check. If the alien has a "rap sheet" or theirr home country "forgets" to report, do we really believe the amnesty visa will be denied? Political correctness and expediency will mean issuing the amnesty visa anyway. DHS will be as blind to fraudulent documents as hiring employers.

    But non-enforcement will be hushed up until a major disaster blows the lid off the entire can of worms. Remember that 6 months after 9/11, automatically-renewed student visas for the now-dead terrorists were mailed to their flight schools. That's when Americans learned how worthless the supposed student visa "safeguards" really were. The "safeguards" had never been repealed, but INS stopped enforcing them many years before.

    We'll hear excuses like staff shortage, political pressures from Congress and the White House, unrealistic time deadlines, or heavy workload from unexpected high applicant levels, and that thousands of "questonable" criminal background checks were deemed acceptable by the White House.

    What does the McCaineddy Scamnesty offer for taxpaying Americans? A bigger tax burden to support the corporate welfare program of taxpayer-subsidized cheap labor.

    See Chapter 10: The "Jobs Americans won't do" Scam

    ~ References ~

    (1) The Business Journal of Phoenix, April 11 2005

    (2) Arizona Daily Star, April 22 2005

    (3) Arizona Republic, May 6 2005

    (4) Reuters, May 12 2005

    (5) Boston Herald, Tuesday, May 10 2005

    (6) Arizona Republic, May 13 2005

    (7) San Diego Union Tribune/Copley News Service, May 12 2005

    ( Los Angeles Times, May 13 2005

    (9) McKennedy: Twelve Million served; millions more on the way! McCain-Kennedy-Kolbe-Glake-Gutierrez Bills offer Amnesty to all - and then some!, NumbersUSA

    ~ About the author ~

    S. J. Miller is a former veteran of the IT industry who sought another career rather than "follow the jobs" abroad, and a lifelong resident of border states, California, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada.

    (c) S. J. Miller, 2005. All Rights Reserved

    "Published originally at republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."
    RIP Butterbean! We miss you and hope you are well in heaven.-- Your ALIPAC friends

    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    GREAT POST BB. The Dalton Gang rides AGAIN.

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