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Thread: Pataki Ups Ante with Trump: Let's Go 'Mano a Mano' on Immigration

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    Pataki Ups Ante with Trump: Let's Go 'Mano a Mano' on Immigration

    Former NY governor, New Hampshire first-in-the-nation presidential primary candidate calls on businessman to debate immigration issue in NH.

    By Tony Schinella (Patch Staff) July 6, 2015

    At a reporter round table on immigration policy this morning, New Hampshire first-in-the-nation presidential primary candidate former Gov. George Pataki, R-NY, called on Donald Trump, R-NY, to join him in New Hampshire for a one on one debate on immigration policy, according to a press statement.

    “Donald Trump has a lot to say about the problems with illegal immigrants, but aside from name calling Mexicans and hurling insults at me and some of our other opponents the American people have yet to hear anything resembling a real plan,” said Pataki.

    Trump has repeatedly bemoaned the lack of discussion about the problem telling Fox News, “I don’t understand. Whether you’re liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat, why wouldn’t you talk about a problem?”

    “I say, let’s go ‘mano a mano’ on immigration policy. Let’s get past the name calling and have a real substantive discussion,” said Pataki.

    Pataki laid out his vision for an immigration policy in New Hampshire based on these core precepts:

    *Securing our border is not a cliché; it’s a national security priority. There remain those around the world that hate America and the freedoms we hold dear. An insecure border presents a clear and present danger. ISIS is far more dangerous than Al Qaeda ever was, it has greater financial resources, is more technologically sophisticated and has recruited hundreds of fighters with western passports.
    *America is a nation of laws. It is what separates our nation from much of the world and ironically is what animates so many who come here illegally, fleeing oppression, crime and poverty. The first action of someone who wants to be a part of the American Dream should not be to break the law. The President’s executive action validates that behavior which in turn encourages others who believe that there are no repercussions to breaking the law, creating a perverse incentive to come here illegally.
    *Recognize and respect the value of immigrants. Immigrants contribute greatly to our economy, our competitiveness and the vibrancy of American experience. My grandparents, like millions of other immigrants, came here because, then and now, America is a beacon for those who yearn for freedom. Most immigrants, then and now, work hard and are a critical part of our economy. Rhetoric which demonizes, demeans and casts blame on immigrants is not new, but it’s ugly and has no place in our discourse.
    *Get real, get pragmatic - solve problems. With between 11-14 million illegal aliens in the United States there is not a practical way to deport them all. It’s logistically impossible. We must come together on a realistic plan; it’s what American’s deserve.

    Pataki’s plan calls for first securing the border and then establishing a process for legal status. That process is contingent upon Homeland Security certifying the continuous security of the border, an acknowledgement by illegal immigrants that they broke the law coming here illegally in the first place and an acceptance of the consequences of that action. Pataki’s plan will provide a process to gain legal status for only those who have obeyed the law, paid taxes, not been dependent upon government services and have been here for a number of years. The final part of that process will require illegal immigrants to perform at least 200 hours of community service as restitution for breaking the law initially.
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    Pataki is offering what different than we have heard for 15 years? Mr. Trump, do not allow a republican to set you up for furthering his old same ol'! I was hoping Pataki had something on the ball. Shoulda known, eh?
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    Well, Pataki is .... "same o, same o" .... and certainly not a solution to anything he spoke of in this article. Very disappointing. And I'm so friggin' sick of hearing about where they're grandparents came from. WHO CARES?! I certainly don't care, and where your grandpappies came from or whatever they did, has absolutely nothing to do with our elections or what you as a candidate are going to do for our country, so when you mention it in campaign rhetoric, that's just your sneaky way of telling illegal aliens "I'm with you, not the American worker, citizen or taxpayer. Let this be another joke on them."
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    Why don't we ever hear these politicians talk about before any idea of a path to legal status first deporting criminal aliens and define what they consider a criminal alien. I want to just hear one of them say they will #1 Secure the Border, #2 Stop all benefits to illegal aliens be it jobs, welfare, birthright citizenship, and the rest, #3 Deport any illegal alien who has a conviction, be them say even just a felony conviction. Then maybe talk about to a path to legal status (mind you I don't support any path besides one heading back home). Yet they all talk on securing the border and then jump right to *legal status*. There are plenty of other things though that should come first before even that debate is allowed to even start.
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