Pence: Trump Has Been ‘Completely Consistent’ on Immigration Plan — ‘No Amnesty and No Path to Legalization’

4 Sep 2016

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence Pence said his running mate Donald Trump’s immigration plan has no amnesty and no path to legalization.

Pence said, “I have traveled across this country campaigning with Donald Trump and for Donald Trump, I think people hear him loud and clear and he’s been completely consistent.”

He added, “I think, look, Donald Trump made it very, very clear that in his ten-point plan we’ll build a wall, we’ll enforce the laws of this country and end catch and release and do all of the things that politicians in both party haves been talking about for more than a generation. He said no amnesty and path to legalization if people want to get legalized or right they need to leave the country.”