by Mary Starrett
Constitution Party Communications Director


Hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions don’t just happen. It takes a combined set of circumstances and conditions for each incident to occur. Pressure builds, moisture is trapped, temperature changes, plates shift and lava builds. It is only then that an event will be seen, felt, heard and experienced. Sometimes those natural events that have built up over time will result in cataclysmic changes so profound they alter the entire landscape and way of life for those living in the area. An undersea mega thrust earthquake on the day after Christmas, in 2004 resulted in a tsunami that forever changed the lives of those who lived in coastal Indonesia while ending the lives of more than 230,000 others.

I remember watching Mount St Helens blow its top and soon after I was sweeping volcanic ash from my driveway. Things were different after May 18, 1980. The mountain we viewed from our homes had a jagged edge to it now and the top was gone. 29 years later people in the Pacific Northwest can sometimes see smoke rising from this active “super volcano