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    Pestiferous Mexican official spouts off in Texas ... -Valley%7D

    Mexican Foreign Secretary Visits Valley
    Thursday, April 14, 2005 Updated:11:20:04 PM CDT

    EDINBURG -- The Mexican Foreign Secretary says the United States and Mexico will be integrated in the future, and took issue with the Minutemen Project.

    EDINBURG - Mexico’s Foreign Secretary told a group of Texas-Pan American students he envisions a day when Mexico and the United States are “integrated.�

    Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez Baustista spoke to students about the future of U.S.-Mexico relations. Despite his belief in integration, some students in attendance were not supportive of it.

    “I don't believe there will be complete integration here,� Clarissa Pena said. “I don't think that's right.�

    "From my stance we should be separate because of terrorism and problems with terrorism,� Aaron Pena said. “We do have to have secure borders and not just have people roaming back and forth."

    Derbez spoke with reporters later about other border issues, including the Minutemen Project in Arizona and the drug cartel war close to the Valley.

    “I think the (drug) war is slowly being won,� Derbez said. “What we have done in Mexico is got the heads of the larger organizations right now and we pursue them very strongly and work in very close association with U.S. authorities. But it doesn't mean it’s going to be an easy win. It’s going to be a tough win."

    Derbez added he didn’t think the drug lords were winning.

    "If the bad guys were winning the war we would not be here, but under our chairs and what have you."

    Derbez also shared his thoughts about the Minutemen Project, a group of civilians who are gathering along the Arizona border Mexico to stop the wave of illegal immigrants from crossing into the country from Mexico.

    "Because (the Minutemen) feel frustrated or whatever reason they are doing this,� Derbez said. “They are trying to take the war into their own hands.

    “One thing I can tell you is that the U.S. of the 21st century is not the U.S. of the 19th century."

    Derbez also added he hopes the group and its members are prosecuted.

    ================================================== ==

    Why wasn't this guy Derbez arrested for these statements? This clearly states the intentions of the Mexican government that they want to take this country over. They have no respect for our sovereignty at all. This guy should have been arrested and labeled an enemy combatant. Can you believe this guy states that they are winning the drug war? Yeah ok, look at your own country again and spew that lie with a straight face. If only we had a real leader in the White House.

    I guess Luis the Dirtbag wants us to stop resisting the invasion and the hostile take over from the Mexican government. All I have to say is bring it on Dirtbag.
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    When are the powers to be in Washington going to put these nitwits in their place?

    Mexico’s Foreign Secretary told a group of Texas-Pan American students he envisions a day when Mexico and the United States are "integrated."
    That thought is enough to give me nightmares.

    "I think the (drug) war is slowly being won," Derbez said.
    He must be sampling some of the product.

    "If the bad guys were winning the war we would not be here, but under our chairs and what have you."
    Huh? An orator he is not.

    "Because (the Minutemen) feel frustrated or whatever reason they are doing this," Derbez said. "They are trying to take the war into their own hands.
    They are trying to draw attention to the lack of border security, and you my friend, are not much of a help.

    "One thing I can tell you is that the U.S. of the 21st century is not the U.S. of the 19th century."
    The thought makes me shudder. Enforce immigration laws!

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    Oh Yeah! They are certainly winning the Drug War....not!

    Now all they have left to do is fix the corrupt police and their army.

    "The Mexican Foreign Secretary says the United States and Mexico will be integrated in the future"

    Not in my lifetime, if I can help it.

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    The thought of integration is anathema to my American pride and sensibilites!! I echo Darlene: not in my lifetime - or the lifetime of my children. Integrating with Mexico would happen over my dead body. Literally.
    HE!D! A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares about more than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by men better than himself. ~J.S. Mills

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    Luis Derbez attacks the U.S.

    Here's the mexican invader Luis Derbez walking into Texas and other U.S. States saying --the U.S. will do as Mexico says and bow about bald face brazen violation ---Mr. Derbez should be leaving pronto

    Him and other mexican officials whole conjecture is that they have the U.S. now blackmailed with no other choice because simply so many mexicans occupy and work (nonsense) jobs in the U.S. that the U.S. economy would (supposedly) shut down without their precious mexicans.
    Mr. Derbez and Vicente' just want to protect their assets -- $20 billion from the U.S. going to mexico.

    I say, Americans should simply care less if the economy shuts down (thats saying a lot) but if the economy has to be plunged into a Great Depression to extract ATTACKING INVADERS of the U.S. Flag then so be it. For sure, with economic hardship, Americans will be even more motivated "to fix the mexicans". Jobs......Schmobs. The U.S. Government wants to play games then record numbers of unempoyed Americans will simply have nothing better to do than to go down to the Border and sit on illegal Aliens. Ohh... it could be coming. The U.S. Congress and President Bush still have the power to do what's right and act for their U.S. Country and American existence.

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    "Integration" is the end

    What dataman, Darlene, and Heidi commented on - "integration" is the basis of the entire "ball of wax" that is going on.

    This concept and notion of "integration" of the U.S. with mexico is the entire long term vision in a nutshell of many pro-illegal Alien forces.
    To say make mexico the 51st State of the U.S. ---which I'm sure all here are opposed to, is simply incompatible and more so simply disliked by both Nations.

    Mexico's corruption, lack of ethics and etiquette, lawlessness, 3rd World depravity does not work or fit with the U.S.'s Republic as a Nation of Laws, common decency and community Order. And frankly it is not the U.S. Citizens that should say, "have it thrust upon them ILLEGALLY to train or teach ethics to mexicans" especially when said mexicans are pillaging INTRUDERS. Of course mexico seeks to be "integrated" as they can only gain meanwhile plant down mexican flags (soon to be appearing in Los Angeles and San Diego).

    That is the social jist of it. But more so this "integration" is the vision of some that say 100 years from now mexico and the U.S. will just be one big piece of land and all will be happy and not know any different and that Right now both Nations (BUT MAINLY Americans) "are just going thru the pains of this transition".

    This folks is the entire basis of the big lie called 'Free Trade' -- to have an open Border that to say 'allows the free movement of (cheap,mind you) Labor. This is why DR-CAFTA and the FTAA need to be killed. CAFTA might be put forth for a vote in May which is why all of us as that fight illegal immigration should also fight against CAFTA and call your Reps. and Senators. These free trade agreements are the stealth movements that are MAJOR STEPS of the Plan just like NAFTA was and is. More so here, this is the basis of Corporate interest to have an open Border -- to feed profit greed (sellout the U.S. flag because all that matters is money).

    It is this very notion of the fabricated economic need for "free trade" agreements (that falsely is stated as propsperous to the U.S.) along with the emotional poverty of mexico (that they have done to themselves and simply relish in as making a mess furthers their goal that the U.S. will simply "have to take care of us mexicans") that erroneously ELUDES and CONS our U.S. Congressmen away from protecting their own United States. This is the mexican disease like Luis Derbez that is affecting our system. In fact 'cheap labor' is just like a drug addiction that the U.S. will have to be weened off from.

    The "integrated" open Border also plays into the vision of Utopia One Worlders who simply say, all of mankind will simply one big peachy happy family if we all just "love one another." ---(i.e. socialism and communism)
    This is the diversity, affirmative action, political correct meltdown that is played to the hilt by the Liberal Press and the likes of the ACLU (which should remove the word 'American' from its name). They want to call "integration" of all of mankind and the end of the 'Nation-State' inevitable to end all Wars or their idea of so called "racism".

    This is all baloney as what needs to happen is for Mexico to learn its own lesson and negligence mistake here, even if mexico has to suffer a complete implosion of itself. TOO BAD..... learn the lesson....don't tread on US. (An idea here would be a test for the U.N. --to have the U.S. defend itself from mexico and retract to de-friend mexico and not assist mexico with ANYTHING and see if the U.N. can save mexico's implosion.)

    The Minutemen and Americans say NO to stinking "integration". 100 years from now, there still can exist 2 seperate Nations, Mexico and the U.S., who have a mutually beneficial relationship of legitimate Trade (not Gov't controlled) and coexistence ---who culturally want to "live the Traditions and way they want to" with the respect of each other not to Intrude and impose the culture on the Other.

    Even businessmen should know -- that competition between seperate Nations with Borders in a free marketplace produces healthy results. The European Union is socialist communism where the Citizens can be more easily controlled and eroded into cheap labor slavery ----- this is what the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) ( plans for the United States. If anything to look for proof --look at the damage that NAFTA has wrought ---free trade is a big corporate offshoring lie.

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    Oh hell no

    I agree with Heidi and Darlene! I WILL defend this country from invaders by whatever means! I think this is going to be the next thing they push, they want to take away our second amendment rights so we will then be totally powerless to defend ourselves. They think that if someone breaks into your house you are supposed to reason with them or simply run away! Not this southern girl!
    Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God

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