Philippines deported 603 foreigners in 2012

By Tetch Torres 2:17 pm | Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

MANILA, Philippines—The Bureau of Immigration has deported 603 foreigners in 2012, about three times higher compared to previous year’s 147.

Immigration Commissioner Ricardo David said the 603 aliens were among the 635 arrested in 2012.

David said the bureau has expedited deportation proceedings to prevent congestion at the BI’s detention facility.

Statistics show that 379 Taiwanese and 124 Chinese nationals nabbed for cybercrimes topped the list of the 2012 deportees, followed by 32 Americans, 17 Indians, and 12 Koreans.

Also deported were six Japanese, five Germans, three Britons, three Nigerians, two Bangladeshis, two Somalians, two Lebanese, two Swiss, two Irish, a Singaporean, an Australian, a New Zealander, a Pakistani, a Slovenian, a Guinean, a Liberian, a Malaysian, a Gambian, a Sri Lankan, an Iranian, and a Cameroon national.

Immigration records also showed that 1,269 foreigners were placed on the Immigration blacklist and hold departure list while 1,330 others were purged from the bureau’s derogatory list.