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    'Phony Mahony' urges Arnold to sign dangerous license bill

    I guess the criminal (I mean Catholic) church is getting short on tithing money again

    Cardinal urges governor to sign SB 60

    Cardinal Roger Mahony has urged Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign legislation that would provide undocumented individuals with an opportunity to attain a California driver's license under certain circumstances.

    The California Real ID Act (SB 60) would provide for undocumented individuals an opportunity to attain a California driver's license under certain circumstances. It was authored by Sen. Gilbert Cedillo (D-Los Angeles), and originally signed by Gov. Gray Davis in September 2003. But it was repealed two months later by Gov. Schwarzenegger after he won election in a recall vote that ousted Davis.

    Cedillo said the legislation was amended "to give the Governor all the time necessary to wait for federal regulations to be published, released and promulgated, before the Department of Motor Vehicles issues driver's licenses to all applicants."

    In a statement, Cardinal Mahony said that Sen. Cedillo "has incorporated every provision requested by the governor, and he has conformed the proposed law with the recently enacted Federal Real ID Act --- thus assuring that California would meet all of the security issues and concerns with these new driver's licenses.

    SB 60, the cardinal said, conforms the proposed California law to the Federal Real ID Act "in these important ways":

    ---It requires that California meet the new mandatory minimum document design and security requirements, so that all States' licenses are uniform, thus curtailing possible counterfeiting.

    ---It conforms California to the mandatory minimum issuance standards required by the Federal Real ID Act, so that identity proof is uniform across the country.

    ---It conforms to the permissive provisions of the Federal Real ID Act by providing a "driving only license" that is not recognized by the Federal government for identification purposes --- "again, ensuring greater security for all citizens," Cardinal Mahony said.

    "There have been great changes from the original legislation to what is today SB 60," the cardinal continued. "I urge our Governor to keep his commitment to sign a bill that contained all of his concerns."

    The California Catholic Conference has stated that it supports the idea of Cedillo's legislation, though it acknowledges "the need for additional security." The CCC noted that unlicensed drivers endanger public safety because they are unfamiliar with California law and cannot obtain auto insurance. {like they ever will obtain auto insurance. what a joke}
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