by Scott Rogers
Playing Politics with Immigration Reform
September 17, 2006 09:00 AM EST

Have you noticed lately that the Democrats accuse Republicans of politicizing on every single issue before Congress?

It is clear that the Dems strategy here is to show the American people that Republicans care more about retaining their seats in Congress than helping the American people. This is a bold-faced lie. Further immigration legislation has been introduced by Republicans in the Congress, but cannot get voted on because Democrats are having their 'waste of time' sessions every day. Murtha now wants a vote on no-confidence on Donald Rumsfeld in the House. Didn't we just go through this in the Senate? If Democrats stopped introducing idiotic legislation and concentrated on tackling the real issues, then maybe something could get done before November. But they canít and won't get anything done before November. It is clear that if any major vote transpires between now and Novemberís election it could change the results.

They decide to attack Republicans on the issues they know can grant them (the Dems) a better chance at victory this fall, the Iraq War, stem cell research and health care. Unfortunately, the debate on these 3 examples will be going on long after the Nov. election. The Democrats refuse to allow a vote on immigration bills that are sitting before them. The issue has completely stalled in the Senate, which is why you never hear about it anymore, and it is being attacked in the House for being 'too tough'. But now that it did pass, Democrat lawmakers want to amend it to match the Senate's version.

First, since when is going after people who break the law considered 'too tough'? Are our police forces 'too tough' on the murderers, thieves, gang members and rapists that are roaming the streets today who do not have citizenship in this country? If you ask me they are not tough enough.

Second, if everyone agrees on border security, which they should and will because it's the #1 thing all Americans agree on, why can't they at least pass one piece of legislation on this issue in the Senate? Oh wait, I know, they are still talking about the bill that was a horrible excuse for immigration reform. The one that grants Social Security benefits to illegal aliens; for restricting the ability of local police to detain illegal aliens; and for requiring the U.S. government to consult with Mexican officials before building a border fence. Apparently they think these are good ideas, but the vast majority of Americans do not, hence why Republicans have decided to rework the legislation.

They cannot allow illegal immigrants to collect social security when no social security is being paid by them. Why should we restrict our local police forces from apprehending people who enter this country illegally? Maybe we should not have police. Why in the world should we consult with Mexico on what we wish to do in our own country? Did Mexico consult with us first before handing out maps to its citizens on how to cross the border into our country, illegally?

The Democrats amaze me. They continue to deceive the American by backing legislation that greatly endangers our national security. If the majority of Americans knew what these bills contained they certainly would not vote for Democrats in the fall. They are the ones truly playing politics, by keeping them out of site until November, so that if they take control of Congress they can pass their weak bills that in the long run will greatly injure this country.

Perhaps they should analyze their own actions before being critical of the actions of others.