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Poll: 88% Say Immigration Key Issue In Nov.

Nearly nine in 10 Americans say that the immigration issue will be important to them when they vote in November, a new CNN poll reveals.

And one in seven say it will be the only issue that matters in November.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill last week that would include a temporary guest-worker program and a means for undocumented aliens to work toward citizenship.

But in December, the House passed a bill that includes neither a guest-worker program nor a legalization process. The bill would erect a 700-mile fence along the Mexican border, increase criminal penalties for illegal aliens caught inside the U.S., make it illegal for organizations to provide food or medical care to illegals and increase penalties for employers who hire them.

When several of the House bill’s proposals were spelled out for poll respondents, 47 percent said they favored the bill and 44 percent opposed it, according to the CNN poll of 1,010 adult Americans conducted by Opinion Research Corporation.

Among Republicans, 54 percent favored the House bill and 37 percent opposed it, while 35 percent of Democrats favored the bill and 59 percent opposed it.

When asked if illegal immigration will be an important issue to them in the November elections, 88 percent of respondents said it would.

Fourteen percent said it is the only issue that will matter to them, while 43 percent said it is very important and 31 percent said it is somewhat important