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    President's Illegal-Alien Uncle Used False Documents

    President's Illegal-Alien Uncle Used False Documents to Evade Deportation
    Written by R. Cort Kirkwood

    Thursday, 01 September 2011

    President Barack Obama’s uncle, Omar Onyango Obama (left), is an illegal alien who obtained an illegal driver’s license and Social Security card and evaded a deportation order for more than 20 years.

    The Kenyan half-brother of the president’s alcoholic, bigamist father, two newspapers have reported, followed a similar path to Obama’s illegal-alien aunt, who also ignored deportation orders but received political asylum despite ducking the law for years.

    Police put the cuffs on Onyango Obama last week when he nearly crashed his SUV into a police cruiser. Obama was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and failure to yield the right of way.

    The question, however, is whether the 20-year-fugitive from immigration authorities will be deported, given the Obama Administration’s interpretation and implementation of the failed DREAM Act. In June, John Morton, Obama’s immigration control director, published a long list of stipulations permitting illegal aliens with family connections to stay in the United States. Last week, the Obama Administration officially declared the DREAM Act law.

    What Happened

    Onyango Obama “had lived a quiet life in Massachusetts until last Wednesday,

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    But an unidentified benefactor interceded and hired famous immigration lawyer Margaret Wong to represent Zeituni in her efforts to remain. The unsurprising result — a Boston federal judge stayed Zeituni's deportation order. In 2010, Zeituni was granted political asylum and is now a legal U.S. resident.

    I believe that Margaret Wong took the case pro bono for publicity.

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    [F]ederal officials, who spoke about Obama's immigration status on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak about the case, said Obama had been told to leave in 1992, but he did not go.
    Because the dictator Obama gagged them. He had to stop the truth from getting out about harboring illegal aliens.

    I'm sorry, but illegal aliens don't deserve privacy. The American people deserve the truth and they should be named and put on public display.

    Obama, quit hiding your dirty little secrets!!!!

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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