Pro-Illegal Immigration Group Targets Brown

America’s Voice, which is a pro-illegal immigrant organization, is targeting our U.S. Senator Scott Brown for defeat. They are getting behind Harvard Professor Warren. Why? Lizzy supports not only the Dream Act and a path to citizenship but also President Obama’s new non-deportation policy. On the other hand, Brown is opposed to amnesty! I guess he believes that we should be a law abiding nation.

According to the Center for Immigration Reform there are 220,000 illegal immigrants in Massachusetts. 25% are collecting welfare benefits. Now we know why Warren’s daughter sued the state to get voter registration forms mailed.

America’s Voice and other organizations are supposed to sit on the sidelines for paid advertising due to the Brown-Warren agreement. Why do I think that agreement is out the window during the last 10 days of the campaign season?

On a different campaign note I think this video tape outrage over Brown’s staffer volunteer doing a tomahawk chop is completely ridiculous. Didn’t liberal icon Jane Fonda do the chop? If Warren thinks that is offensive, I am going to send her the comments her people make about me. Now that is offensive. - Blogs: Lone Republican» Blog Archive » Pro-Illegal Immigration Group Targets Brown