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Thread: Protesters don’t deter Jindal’s immigration message

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    Protesters don’t deter Jindal’s immigration message

    6 hours ago • By Erin Murphy

    DES MOINES | With protesters chanting, Bobby Jindal hammered home his stance against illegal immigration.

    Jindal, a Republican presidential candidate and Louisiana governor, spoke directly to the immigration reform advocates in the Iowa State Fair crowd on Saturday when he said people who want to come to America should do so legally, just as his parents did.

    “Learn to speak English, adopt our values, roll up your sleeves and get to work,” Jindal said to the protesters during his remarks Saturday at The Des Moines Register Political Soapbox.

    Whether by design or because of the protesters in the crowd, Jindal spent much of his 20 allotted minutes on the soapbox addressing immigration. He said the U.S. must first secure its borders, and that “immigration without assimilation is invasion.”

    He also suggested government officials in sanctuary cities should be held accountable to the law.

    Jindal did not specifically address how to handle the millions already living in the country illegally.

    Jindal said protesters like the ones in the State Fair crowd on Saturday are paid for by “big business special interests.”

    “The big business interests can pay for protesters. They want to censor free speech,” Jindal said. “The big business interests can pay for as many banners as they want.”

    He said later, again looking toward the protesters, “If you don’t want to be an American, don’t come here. Nobody is forcing them to come here in the first place.”

    Jindal’s position on immigration appeals to Pat McFarland, of Guthrie Center, who was in Saturday’s crowd.

    McFarland said she is still deciding between multiple GOP candidates — including Jindal, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio and a few others — but said she agreed with Jindal’s remarks on the soapbox stage.

    McFarland said she works with many Hispanic people, some of whom she suspects are living in the country illegally. She said she supports Jindal’s position on immigration.

    “I liked what he had to say,” McFarland said. “I agreed with him whole-heartedly.”

    Jindal also said he believes Republicans should select a conservative candidate from the expansive primary field. He slipped in a few jabs at some of his primary competitors, saying his “daddy” was not president (Jeb Bush is the son of former president George H.W. Bush) and he doesn’t have a reality TV show (as did Donald Trump).

    “Conservatism is not dead in America. It is simply dead in Washington, D.C.,” Jindal said.
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    “Conservatism is not dead in America. It is simply dead in Washington, D.C.,” Jindal said.
    I would advise Republican candidates to stop using terms like "conservatism" to define themselves, because the term no longer applies to our present situation and circumstances. The only positive thing about the word "conservatism" to begin with is fiscal conservatism, meaning you want it, you pay for it. Otherwise, "conservatism" means "traditional", which means "status quo", which means not fixing anything that is wrong. It's not a good word in American Politics. I realize that many people who are trying to define their philosophy hitch to this word because they believe it means what they think, but it really doesn't.

    Here's the definition of "conservatism" in our language:

    [kuh n-sur-vuh-tiz-uh m]

    Word Origin

    the disposition to preserve or restore what is established and traditional and to limit change.
    the principles and practices of political conservatives.
    And historically, throughout world history including the United States, the term associates you with the British Tories, the French opponents to the French Revolution, and would of course make our own Founding Fathers, opponents to Conservatism.

    The actual philosophy of the Republican Party is Republicanism, which has two equal parts in this order: liberalism for the people (social and individual liberty) and conservatism for the government (fiscal prudence, limited government, government restraint) which is why original Republicans were social liberals/fiscal conservatives.

    The problems we face and must solve are not an issue of liberal vs conservative. They are an issue of right and wrong. Illegal immigration is wrong. Excess legal immigration is wrong. Free trade treason is wrong. Mandated income taxes and ObamaCare are wrong. Pollution is wrong. Imprisoning Americans for smoking pot while giving US citizenship to the children of foreign drug cartel operators is wrong. Handing out income taxes Americans are mandated to pay to illegal aliens is wrong. Using an income tax forced on Americans to fund handing out welfare, education and healthcare to illegal aliens and surplus immigrants is wrong. Allowing Americans to be fired and forced to train their foreign replacements is wrong.

    None of these can be defined or explained by either liberalism or conservatism, they can only be defined and explained by the words:

    1. wrong
    2. Anti-American

    Therefore no American should ever support any of it. We all should instead shut it down, which requires change, change is liberalism, not conservatism. See the problem in trying to define Republicans as "conservatives" when we have always been the party of true liberalism, which is change to fix problems and cure wrongs?

    Democrats got the label "liberals" because for the most part they wanted to spend more government money than Republicans did. Republicans historically always found a sensible, reasonable and responsible way to pay as we go or within in a few years have whatever project we pursued paid for whereas Democrats didn't seem so concerned with that part of their initiatives because of course starting in 1913 they had their beloved income tax and didn't have to worry about how to pay the bills, they would just force Americans to pay for it through the income tax.

    Republicans always opposed the income tax because it's a threat to personal freedom and individual liberty and the key to the vehicle that creatse and funds an authoritarian massive government, a government tax mandate that like a virus will eat you alive and bankrupt our country funding things we don't even believe in like illegal immigration, massive immigration and free trade treason which is why we can't fix our country without abolishing the income tax (change) and replacing it with a voluntary consumption tax like the FairTax (liberalism).

    In sum, Americans, all Americans, are a combination of liberalism and conservatism, and really, most are old-fashioned Real Republicans, who believe in Republicanism, which is social liberalism (laissez-faire, leave the people alone) and fiscal conservatism (fiscal prudence, limited government, government restraint).

    Candidates who support that fundamental philosophy will do well in the 2016 elections. Take Trump for example, they're accusing him of being a Democrat and a Republican. Well, in reality that is what most Americans really are, a mix of both, because they're actually Republicans who believe in Republicanism, which is social liberalism/fiscal conservatism which is the solution to almost every problem we face as a nation.

    A candidate who can capture that and communicate it accurately will not only win the White House, they will transform our nation to what it was supposed to be all along, a land of liberty with a balanced budget and self-sustaining citizens enjoying freedom of choice, opportunity and prosperity for ourselves and our prosperity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Judy View Post
    Otherwise, "conservatism" means "traditional", which means "status quo", which means not fixing anything that is wrong.
    Let's keep it simple: pro-American.
    Americans first in this magnificent country

    American jobs for American workers

    Fair trade, not free trade
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