Pushing toward amnesty, Part 2
Barbara Simpson
Posted: July 27, 2009
1:00 am Eastern

© 2009

As Congress, under the control of far-Left politicians, continues to usurp more of the rights and freedoms of American citizens as well as planning the further confiscation of personal wealth of all Americans regardless of how "rich" they are, the fiscal future of this country will be perpetual, staggering debt.

While states teeter toward bankruptcy, the feds spend like teenagers with access to Daddy's bank account. They spend everyone else's money with no end in sight.

Joe Biden, our erstwhile vice president, in all his wisdom, declared to an AARP town hall meeting that "… the only way to avoid that (bankruptcy) is for the government to spend more money."

If your head spins from the whirlwind of government proposals, spending plans and bureaucracy creation that is the hallmark of the Obama administration, never forget, he's not done yet.

We got hit with TARP; bank, mortgage and insurance company bailouts; the takeover of car companies; salary setting for corporate executives; stimulus money spread like honey across the country without oversight; cap and trade, which will further devastate the economy and our energy needs; and currently, attention is on a government takeover of our entire medical system.

Barack Obama wants the White House in charge of who gets what medical care, how much, when, where and by whom. Individuals, doctors and nurses will be cut out of decision making; the bureaucracy and bureaucrats will take over.

It appears the only "choice" left in medicine will be for abortion; bureaucratic, government "deciders" will make all other decisions.

While the man who is president promises "freedom of choice for efficient medical care at lower costs," the Congressional Budget Office says the whole thing is fiscally disastrous – $1.04 trillion in new expanses.

But watch out! Next up is "comprehensive immigration reform." A better name is "amnesty" for illegal aliens. Illegals in this country will be made full citizens. Obama wants it done by December. There's no cost estimate.

Imagine! Break the law, and the prize is citizenship! Such a deal!

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., says he want to bring "the 11 million people out of the shadows. …"

He's got the numbers wrong. More accurately, the figure is between 20 to 30 million. That's a lot of lawbreakers. Imagine the costs that will hit local and state governments, to say nothing of Washington.

Despite denials, the current Democrat medical plan would cover those millions of illegals.

In an effort to prevent that, Rep. Dean Heller, R-Nev., introduced a GOP-supported amendment to prevent subsidized health care for illegals. The House Ways and Means Committee voted it down (26-15) on straight party lines.

But let's get practical.

The last time Congress tried for amnesty, in 2007, unemployment was only 4.6 percent and Americans said no!

Unemployment now is over 10 percent and climbing; 14 million-plus Americans are out of work. Amnesty would put them in job competition with illegals who are now in this country, working below scale, mostly not paying taxes and being a massive drain on resources.

For example, the Los Angeles Times reported that illegals comprise 7 percent (more than 2.7 million) of California's population. Officials estimate that adds $4 to 6 billion in costs "primarily for prisons and jails, schools and emergency rooms."

Calculations show illegals in schools cost the state $2.3 billion annually.

It costs $834 million for 19,000 illegals in state prisons. Additionally, in Los Angeles County, criminal justice costs are upward of $550 million.

That's just one county out of 58.

Health care costs $703 million, mostly for emergency services but the rest for " … prenatal and post-partum care, abortions, breast and cervical cancer treatment and certain types of long-term care such as stays in nursing homes."

Add to that costs for welfare, food stamps, housing, well baby care, libraries, local government, police and fire protection, highway maintenance and libraries.

According to Los Angeles Supervisor Mike Antonovich, "It is a catastrophic hit … on every level of government."

That's just one state out of 50.

While cities, counties and states face the reality of the drain on their budgets, the feds quietly pave the way for amnesty.

The Department of Homeland Security has abandoned plans for going after illegal workers and is focusing on employers. But when finding illegals working at raided businesses, those workers are given work permits and allowed to stay.

Another "gift" from "Uncle Sucker."

In addition, the E-Verify program to insure worker legality before hiring is postponed, so employers are almost helpless to prevent hiring of illegals.

Also in the works, plans to allow illegals, after they get a valid work permit or citizenship, to get credit for all past earnings (even while illegally working) toward Social Security benefits.

Homeland Security has watered down the 287(g) program which allows state law enforcement to arrest and deport illegals involved in crimes.

Now, they must first resolve the criminal charges and deal with immigration status later. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says the purpose is "to identify and remove dangerous criminal aliens."

Sounds good, but the problem is that if the "crime" is a misdemeanor, the criminal is often released on his own recognizance only to disappear into the underground to commit more crimes.

These guys have rap sheets you wouldn't believe.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, who authored the original program, says the changes "weaken our attempts to arrest and detain illegal immigrants in this country, no matter the magnitude of their crime."

And considering the law, the Obama nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, has openly admitted the influence of race on her decision-making and is a member of the openly racist organization, the National Council of La Raza.

They put race first and foremost, and support illegals driving and voting and is pro-amnesty.

Sounds like a stacked deck to me!