Racism: the foundation of Policy-making in Mexico

In México rampant racism is pervasive through the political system. Decisions many times are not made based on economic theory, but on emotional issues and prejudice. When talks start about the privatization of the oil industry (PEMEX) and the electric company (CFE) politicians start to blaspheme against foreigners with an evil racism. They say that Mexico should not let foreigners invest in these companies because it is going to violate national sovereignty. The worst is that they say with no remorse, and no problem of conscience.
The expressions of these politicians are the same as the justifications of the Ku Klux Klan, the militian, the hooligans. These groups say the same justifications that “foreigners violate sovereignty�.

The question is why give privilege to Mexican bureaucrats to manage the state owned enterprises; are the Mexican bureaucrats saints, platonic guardians? Are they self-less individuals? Do they receive divine revelations which tell them what is the best for the country? Are foreigners not children of God? Why Mexico is so obsessed with not letting foreigners invest in PEMEX and the CFE.

If a Mexican invests in the US there is no problem, in fact many Mexicans (including chauvinist politicians) have their investments in the US in the form of real estate, farms, restaurants, businesses, financial investments, life insurance, health insurance, retirement funds. There are also Mexicans who invest in Texan oil fields.

In the US there are foreign companies like Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum, in the US, foreign investment is welcome, in fact the US makes everything possible to attract as much investment as possible, no wonder is a rich country. The US gives green cards to investors so they will take their investment to the US.
For instance, former governor of Texas Ann Richards went to inaugurate the Joint-venture of PEMEX with Royal Dutch Shell to refine oil in Houston for PEMEX. She welcomed the investment for the development of Texas.

However, in Mexico racism continues to take precedence over the welfare of Mexicans. Immediately after talks start about the privatization of PEMEX, Mexican politicians look like demons throwing fire everywhere, “PEMEX is reserved for the nation� “PEMEX belongs to the Mexicans.� In practical terms what that means is that PEMEX belongs to the bureaucrats and union leaders who get their modus vivendus through PEMEX.
Those leaders look like retrogrades in a globalized world. In the US if there is a march of a racist group, people regard them with disdain, however, in Mexico a person who speaks with racism and xenophobia is regarded as nationalist and patriotic. They show their racism on TV doing marches in Mexico City protesting privatizations and the only argument that they use is not economic but racist.

If Mexico wants to become a developed country it should stop its racism because this racism is causing unemployment and lower levels of foreign direct investment. As the golden rule says, “don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.�
The Kantian/ Rawlsian dictum says that there should be justice as impartiality, treat everybody the same way, and do not do interpersonal comparisons.

If Mexico privatizes PEMEX and CFE the cost of electricity and oil products will decrease, Mexico will be able to pay its external debt and will release money to invest in education, health care, infrastructure, and the war against organized crime.

It will help the competitiveness of Mexican enterprises, because of the fall of the electric bill. It will also help increase the competiveness of Mexican agriculture because the cost of fertilizers and diesel will fall.
Furthermore, privatizing PEMEX and CFE will crowd in more investment because Mexico will send signals abroad saying that it’s open to FDI and will no longer have restrictions and foreign investors will not be treated with racism.

A rich and prosperous Mexico is the best proof of nationalism. That is, that all Mexicans become the recipients of the development (not just PEMEX and CFE executives) with more education, infrastructure and a prospect for a better future.
It is contradictory to be talking about racist nationalism and not letting foreign investment come in when there are 40 million people living in extreme poverty.

If foreign investors are going to help the development of Mexico, may God bless the foreign investors and give them more.

Therefore, México should welcome foreign direct investment in the oil and electricity industry and finish with institutional racism that blocks its development. FDI should be treated as Mexican investment. All the barriers against FDI should be torn down because they perpetuate poverty, underdevelopment, and destroy human creativity. Furthermore, the barriers against FDI are against the most elementary charity, and give privilege to a group of bureaucrats.

It is sad that in México the policy-decision process is based on racism and hate against foreigners instead of looking for the welfare of Mexico. For the sake of Mexico’s poor, privatize PEMEX and CFE.