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Thread: Rallies in cities across US decrying deportation

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    Thanks, JD! Unfortunately, I don't often have time to read through all the articles. I'm caring for my disabled husband and that keeps me very busy.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnDoe2 View Post
    This was here Friday. Not a lot of notice, but one day.

    #2Million2Many: Day of Action to Stop Deportations, April 5

    Mike Hall

    #Not1More Deportation campaign. You can click here to find an action near you.
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    Americans rally against Obama’s deportations
    \Associated Press
    April 6, 2014

    PHOENIX — Immigration advocates and supporters rallied Saturday in cities across the country in a renewed effort to push President Barack Obama to put a freeze on deportations.

    Organizers of the more than 50 planned “Day of Action” demonstrations said Obama has the executive power to stop deportations that separate immigrants living in the country illegally from their loved ones.

    In Eloy, Ariz., more than 100 supporters converged in front of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center after journeying more than 60 miles from Phoenix.

    Natally Cruz, an organizer with the grassroots group Puente Arizona, said many of the people in attendance have relatives who have been inside the facility for more than a year.

    “We want President Obama and his administration to really hear our community members across the country, to understand we do not want one more person separated,” said Cruz, who entered the U.S. at age 8 illegally with her parents. “One family every night goes to bed missing somebody in their family.”

    Many walked with signs saying “Not 1 More Deportation” and calling for deferred deportation action for all. The group included a woman whose son has been in the Eloy Detention Center for nearly three years and a woman who was arrested at her work and detained for two months, the group said.

    Supporters of the immigrant advocacy group, Puente Movement, hold a rally outside the immigration detention center in Eloy, Ariz., to protest the record numbers of deportations that have taken place under President Barack Obama’s administration on Saturday, April 5, 2014. Immigration advocates and supporters rallied Saturday in cities across the country in a renewed effort to push President Barack Obama to put a freeze on deportations. (AP Photo/The Republic, Nick Oza) MARICOPA COUNTY OUT; MAGS OUT; NO SALES

    The Eloy Police Department had about five officers monitoring the rally. Sgt. Brian Jerome said the demonstration was relatively peaceful with no arrests.

    Amber Cargile, an ICE spokeswoman in Phoenix, said the agency respects the rights of people to protest outside its facilities.

    “While we continue to work with Congress to enact commonsense immigration reform, ICE remains committed to sensible, effective immigration enforcement that focuses on its priorities, including convicted criminals and those apprehended at the border while attempting to unlawfully enter the United States,” Cargile said.
    More than 50 people, including families with children, stood in front of a federal immigration office in New York City. Among them was 47-year-old Humayun Chowdhury, a cab driver who said his family suffered immensely when authorities held him for 14 months.

    “I got out to my family because my community helped,” said Chowdhury, who is from Bangladesh.
    Chowdhury now has a permit to work in the U.S. and he hopes to get a green card in the future. His 14-year-old son, Maheen, said he was 11 when immigration authorities showed up to arrest his father at 5 a.m. According to Maheen, the separation put the entire family in a tailspin.

    “Everything was a mess. We had trouble getting food. My mom just cried all the time. We had to sell our car for money,” said Maheen Chowdhury, who was born in the U.S.

    The Chowdhurys said they don’t want others to suffer the same pain and that there should be a way for immigrants without criminal records to stay in the country.

    In Hartford, Conn., dozens of immigrants gathered in front of a federal building after coming from 11 cities across the state. Many say they were angered into action by the refusal of Republicans in Congress to work on immigration reforms. Protesters included Jasmine Mendoza, of Norwalk, Conn., whose husband was deported after a routine traffic stop. Mendoza said she is raising their 8-month-old son alone.

    Protests were planned in California a day after 23 demonstrators were arrested in San Francisco for blocking traffic in a major intersection.

    In March, Obama asked Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to review enforcement practices to ease his administration’s rate of deportations.

    Under Obama’s leadership, almost 2 million people have been removed from the U.S.
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    NOT ONE MORE DEPORTATION protesters in front of ICE/USCIS San Bernardino, CA

    Published on Apr 4, 2014
    NOT ONE MORE DEPORTATION protesters in front of ICE/USCIS Field Offices, San Bernardino, CA 4/3/14 Illegal aliens and their supporters stopped those who they deemed foes and claimed only "their group" were to be on the public sidewalk. At 1:15 in the video the man says, "Lady, please don't go inside our lines (they were on a public sidewalk in front of Homeland Security). GO INSIDE YOUR GROUP. DON'T GO INSIDE OUR GROUP. It's your own personal responsibility. If you still doing what you are doing. You better stay over there.
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    So tired of their drama and their relentless demands to have everything they want. It's all about them, always about them and their blame game and not taking responsibility for their own actions and bad choices. Why should you or I or anyone else be blamed for their families being separated when they chose to take that damned risk knowing that could happen all along????? Stay home in your own Country with your family and fight for your rights there.

    Too many of these illegals are here for opportunities, for taking advantage of welfare, healthcare, cheap housing, food stamps and all through deceit and lies...They have no pride in being an American and send money home to their own country by the billions. Many return back home once they made enough money here as it is worth more in their own country. Many have killed and maimed and raped our children and others. Stay in your own Country and give us back our peace. Pay your consequences for your owned bad decisions and stop invading a Country you have no love or appreciation for.
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