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    The Real reason Behind the Self-Deportation Offer from ICE

    I'll bet that ICE is covering its a@@ by offering this deal...then when election time comes and some Dem or pro-illegal screams about an ICE raid, they can shoot back with "Hey, we offered you a way out that wouldnt 'split up the family' and a chance to get your situation prepared, but you didn't take it... SO...sorry if the handcuffs are tight while we take you in!!"

    Yea its a laughable offer, but its not like Julie Meyers thought they would have a lot of takers. They knew what they were doing all along. Only the ignorant uneducated like that illegal hiding in a church thinks its a stupid offer. She has her opportunity now to get right but she wont.

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    What pisses me off the most is that they could have done this shortly after 9-11. If the illegals knew we were serious, most would leave on their own and the rest would be easily rounded up and deported. Instead Bush and his boys wait until he has like 4 months left in office just so they can make it look like they are doing something when they aren't. That is just gutless. It's just as pathetic as Romney waiting until he gets out of office until he allows local and state police to have the ability to arrest and detain illegals based on their immigration status knowing full well the next guy was going to overturn it the first day he's in charge.

    Even if Bush is finally getting somewhat serious about this issue which I highly doubt, I will be happy that something is finally getting done, but I will still never forgive him for the damage he has done. He is always in my mind be remembered as the worst president ever or one of after Obama or Mclame wins.
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    10,175's time they start making announcements telling these people it is illegal to be here, it is illegal to use any SS# that is not your own, to have fake documents, to have multiple identies etc. and if you want a clean walk out of the park, do so now, because it won't be easy later. This is the compassionate option to get your affairs in order and make what arrangements you need to ......and bye-bye.
    Try again legally the next time.
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    On one hand I find it encouraging, on the other I do not trust this.

    Perhaps they want to give illegals a temporary escape from prosecution and then reverse the decision after the election?

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