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Thread: 'Reestablish the rule of law': Sheriffs honor Trump for fighting illegal immigration

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    'Reestablish the rule of law': Sheriffs honor Trump for fighting illegal immigration

    Sheriffs listens as President Donald Trump responds to a reporters question during an event in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

    By S.A. Miller - The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 5, 2018

    Dozens of sheriffs from across the country came to the White House on Wednesday to thank Present Trump for supporting law enforcement and fighting illegal immigration.

    Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Bristol County, Massachusetts said Mr. Trump had “reestablish the rule of law.”

    “We have been for 20 years asking Congress to move on the security aspects of immigration reform and nothing has happened,” he said. “And what’s really amazing, Mr. President, is with your strength of purpose [and] the commitment to your convictions, you’ve done more in less than two years in support of law enforcement and dealing with this illegal immigration” than Congress did in two decades.

    Earlier, the 45 sheriffs held a press conference at the Capitol to call on lawmakers to take action on border security and illegal immigrant crime.

    At the White House, they presented Mr. Trump with a plaque commemorating their esteem.

    Mr. Trump said the award was “something very meaningful.”

    “I will put that in a place of great honor in the Oval Office,” he said.

    The president praised the sheriffs for the work they’ve done keeping American safe. He said that he and the sheriffs had something in common in that they both persevered against a hostile news media.

    “You’ve done an amazing job. A lot of times you are scorned and you are looked at by the media, because the media is very dishonest,” said Mr. Trump. “And the job you’ve done in light of all the things you have to go through — I guess a little bit like me also — but I will say that you have been really outstanding, incredible people. Crime statistics are down. We are really doing well.”
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    Authorize all state and local law enforcement to enforce US immigration law and do it now!!! Assure them that there will be no reprisals or lawsuits against them by the federal government. Put it in an Executive Order.
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    Obozo destroyed Rule of Law. It's hard to believe we had a prez who gave millions of criminal invaders a card saying they can live and work here even though the LAW says they can't.
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    Any law enforcement officer who apprehends an illegal alien needs to hand them directly over to ICE.

    Impound the vehicle and sell it at auction.

    ICE transport them to Federal Tent City on Federal land for processing in front of a panel of Federal Judges!

    Get them out of the local and state jurisdiction, out of their court system and jails. This is costing the local and state taxpayers a fortune!

    NO jury … they are NOT our "peers". They are not US citizens, they are foreign citizens.

    This should apply for ALL Federal Visa and Immigration violations and criminals.

    Serve time in Federal Tent City and/or deport on the spot!

    No taxpayer funded visitor's except via Skype.

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