11:42 AM 06/08/2019 | POLITICSScott Morefield | Reporter

Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy posted a series of tweets Saturday morning blasting GOP lawmakers for their “hand-wringing” and refusal act on the current border crisis.
Roy blocked a $19.1 billion disaster relief bill last month, in part because it did “nothing to address the clear national emergency and humanitarian crisis we face at our southern border.”
In the series of tweets, the GOP congressman emphasized the crisis and criticized Democrats and “far too many” Republicans for choosing “hand-wringing to solutions.” He also pledged to “keep fighting” alongside President Donald Trump to secure the border.(RELATED: Chip Roy Responds After Ted Lieu Says ‘We Think You Suck’ Over Disaster Vote)
With respect to the border crisis – the POTENTIAL benefit of engagement by Mexico cannot be overstated in a world where specific violent cartels control our border & @HouseDemocrats & far too many @SenateGOP choose hand-wringing to solutions.
Certain cartels made $2BB in 2018 moving PEOPLE – not narcotics – according to some reports. Cartels hold people hostage in the US to be “paid back.” Cartels have people embedded in South Texas US communities – including in govt service.
If we want our communities to be safe we have to come to grips that this is not an “immigration” problem but a security and cartel insurgency problem… that our asylum laws are being exploited and we must end it now.
The fact is this: Democrats (and too many GOP) do not care. They view it as political theater and deny reality… and as a result little girls get raped, migrants get held hostage, cartels get empowered, gangs grow, & American communities are made less safe.
Our duty today is to stop this now. @realDonaldTrump is right to leverage tools he has to combat this while Congress fiddles. A few of us will keep fighting to make Congress #SecureOurBorderNow.
Roy said during a Thursday interview with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner, that “every person who is being harmed in this process, that blood is on the hands of Nancy Pelosi.”
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