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    reveals details of DUI wreck that killed two teenage girls

    Preliminary hearing reveals details of DUI wreck that killed two teenage girls
    Preliminary hearing reveals details of DUI wreck that killed two teenage girls

    The next time Alfredo Ramos walks into court, a circuit court judge will be overseeing his case. Today a juvenile court judge determined there was enough evidence to continue pursuing charges against the 22-year-old admitted illegal immigrant. He wore headphones in court to hear the proceeding translated into Spanish. Judge Ramona Taylor told Ramos, "The record is also very clear that you were treated at the hospital and that you had a blood alcohol of .24"

    Because the girls that, Virginia Beach prosecutors say, Ramos killed were underage the courts put his case in the juvenile system. Alison Kunhardt was 17, her passenger Tessa Tranchant was 16. March 30th the girls were sitting at the intersection of Kings Grant and Virginia Beach Boulevard when, prosecutors allege, Ramos struck their car from behind after he had been drinking.

    A witness in the car next to the white Plymouth Kunhardt was driving described the impact. Wendy Bowhers said, "I had shattered glass all over the roof, hood of my car... Within a moment I saw the two cars locked together careening passed me and spinning through the intersection and came to rest on the other side of the intersection."

    An officer assigned to watch ramos from the crash scene to the hospital also detailed how the defendant looked that night.

    "He had a very strong odor of alcohol that was coming from his person, his eyes ... bloodshot," Officer George Anderson told the court

    But perhaps the most damaging testimony came from the officer who first responded to the scene.

    "And I asked him 'Who was driving the black vehicle'. I pointed to the black vehicle, he said I was," said Officer Shauna Nicolucci. ... v=menu45_2
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    This is the piece of garbage that the Piece of Garbage Mayor and Police Cheif of VA Beach wanted to give sanctuary!

    I almost forgot about them, those poor parents.
    Check your credit report regularly, an illegal may be using your Social Security number.

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