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    Roland Nethaway: Economy hurt by lack of immigrant workers

    Roland Nethaway: Economy hurt by lack of immigrant workers

    Wednesday, August 22, 2007

    If authorities continue to crack down on illegal workers, the full Congress will learn the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

    The raids and arrests that have occurred so far have already had an economic impact on the nation’s agriculture industry.

    Other segments of the economy can expect a sharp downturn as employers lose access to a valuable illegal immigrant workforce.

    Unless Congress acts quickly to overhaul the nation’s dysfunctional immigration system, Americans can expect to experience a significant jump in prices at the grocery store.

    The hit on American pocketbooks will not be limited to price hikes and shortages at the supermarket. Across the economy, many services will decline while direct costs will rise.

    Evidently, not enough members of Congress play chess. Even beginning chess players know they must think several moves ahead to have any chance at winning.

    Congress’ enforcement-only camp succeeded in shooting down a comprehensive immigration reform bill supported by President Bush and a bipartisan assemblage of Democrats and Republicans.

    The legislation would have provided a method to legally match foreign workers with American employers.

    Be careful what you ask for

    In another example of being careful about what you ask for, immigration authorities have stepped up enforcement of long-ignored laws that make it illegal for U.S. employers to hire illegal immigrant workers.

    Additionally, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced a new policy that requires employers to follow up on “no-match

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    In some cases, farmers have chosen to not plant due to the difficulty in finding workers to harvest the crops.

    No dimwit.....liar, liar,.......the real truth is farmers cannot find workers who want to harvest their crops for $3.00 an hour when they can make 3 times as much working construction!

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    How much do you suppose businesses paid"the Sky Is Falling Roland" to write this Dooms Day Article ?

    I just got my weekly sale paper from my grocery store and prices have dropped a fact too much.Here is a sample of the offerings this week.

    Grapes .69 cents a LB- Pork Chops 10 LBS for $10.00 - T-Bone Steaks $5.49 LB -
    New York Strip Steak $4.99 LB- Black Plums- $1.48 cents LB etc....

    We're not worried Roland Lets just Get-R-Done.......Deport=Deport-Deport !!!!!!!

    If I have to I will plant a Victory Garden !!!!!!
    "A Government big enough to give you everything you want,is strong enough to take everything you have"* Thomas Jefferson

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    Re:Roland Nethaway

    Is this all these people come over here and work for? They can make that in their own country. It still baffles me that Mexico is trying to change our immigration laws and our gevernment is STUPID ENOUGH TO LET THEM ATTEMPT TO DO IT. Mexico is just wanting these idiots to remain in this country so that the money will keep coming in. And in the mean time we the taxpayers are taking of their medical care and paying for their TACOS.I am so so sick of the way things are in this country until I could just puke. This isn't America anymore! My prediction is, there is going to be an uprising in this country.

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