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Thread: Rubio Trails Hillary, Biden Among Hispanics in 2016 Matchup

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    Rubio Trails Hillary, Biden Among Hispanics in 2016 Matchup

    National Review
    By Eliana Johnson
    July 2, 2013 11:53 AM

    Rubio has inched up only 1 percentage point from a place where many analysts saw room, with the right legislative moves from Republican politicians, for ample improvement.

    Marco Rubio’s push for immigration reform has yet to boost him much in the eyes of the nation’s Hispanic voters.

    A poll of likely Hispanic voters in the 2016 presidential race shows Rubio trailing potential Democratic nominees Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden 66-28 percent and 60-28 percent respectively. Clinton is also viewed favorably by a whopping 73 percent of Hispanic voters, while 17 percent hold a negative view of the former first lady and secretary of state; Rubio’s favorability rating is slimmer: 31-29.

    Rubio, however, came out on top among Hispanic voters among potential GOP candidates in a potential primary race with 29 percent of the vote, followed by New Jersey governor Chris Christie with 14 percent, former Florida governor Jeb Bush with 13 percent, and former vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan with 11 percent.

    A plurality of those polled — 41 percent — said that the GOP’s support for an immigration bill would have no effect on their feelings toward the Republican party.

    The push for immigration reform on the part of many Republicans, including Rubio, comes on the heels of what many viewed as Mitt Romney’s devastating performance among Hispanics in the 2012 election.

    Romney lost the Hispanic vote by a 71-27 margin, and while President Obama’s Democratic colleagues are trailing his performance in the last election in a potential 2016 battle, Rubio has inched up only 1 percentage point from a place where many analysts saw room, with the right legislative moves from Republican politicians, for ample improvement.

    The poll, from Latino Decisions, was conducted between June 20 and June 30 among 1,200 Latinos who voted in the 2008 and 2012 elections; the results carry a 2.8 percent margin of error.
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    Comments from the blog ..

    kat • 6 minutes ago

    Meanwhile, Rubio has lost 80% of the Republican vote. Nice trade loser.
    And many Dems are supporting securing the border before amnesty. This bill is a loser for both parties that vote for it (with the exception of Hispanics, the young & dumb, and non taxpayers)

    phil • 6 minutes ago

    and he's loosing 10 fold in his base for every point he gains there,

    and once people get to know the truth about this legislation,

    anyone of the GO8 will suffer of this,

    thus far no one answered the questions raised by cruz here in this clip

    louisianalag • 7 minutes ago

    Uhm so Marco will "win" Latinos by a 28 to 62%. Woo hoo.

    MAredneck • 7 minutes ago

    I understand the money people are coming to Rubio's defense, not going to work. The picture of Rubio and Schumer smiling says it all.

    Curly Bill • 7 minutes ago

    In the last election, one candidate said I will help you get jobs. The other said I will give you all the stuff you need, and it will be paid for by taking other peoples' money. According to the article, the Hispanic vote went 71-27 in favor of the guy who said I will give you stuff paid for by taking other peoples' money.
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    Twisted Muser • 9 minutes ago

    Pushing immigration reform is not going to help Republicans with hispanics. If they are doing it for that reason (which obviously they are), they are making a mistake. Any miniscule increase in the hispanic vote will be erased by decreases in the base. We need another legitimate party.

    forgetyoutooo • 9 minutes ago

    Illegal aliens, gay marriage, gun control = Nobody is talking about the economy, Obamacare, IRS/Obamacare and any of the rest of the scandals of this master of smoke and mirrors radical administration. Can we all get focused on saving this country and ignoring the obvious deflection tactics of the left?

    Henry Lancaster • 9 minutes ago


    Sold your soul...only to trail Joe Biden.

    robert • 10 minutes ago

    When rubio switches to democrat and runs for president he will claim that the Republicans HATE Latinos, That is why he had to switched parties.

    Rubio then becomes HERO to the Latinos and scores 98% of their vote like obama did with the african-americans EXCEPT there are now more latinos in this counry than there are blacks.

    Dan_o robert • 9 minutes ago

    Exactly. He's just an Uncle Tito as a republican.

    another_engineer robert • 9 minutes ago

    for god's sake don't give that traitor any ideas ...

    Fuqwad • 10 minutes ago

    Benedict Rubio up 1% among Hispanics and down 80% among conservatives.

    kimdi01 • 10 minutes ago

    What's the RINO's ranking amongst the TAXPAYERS, called the Republican party, just for his stance and his vote for this amnesty bill. My support for most senators has gone way downhill and Rubio is included in that field: those that voted for the Immigration/Amnesty/Pork bill.

    Tom Walter • 11 minutes ago

    Rubio = Chameleon

    Curly Bill • 11 minutes ago

    And he still trails JOE BIDEN among Hispanics by more than 2 to 1! Wow!

    toledojim • 12 minutes ago

    He lost his mojo and sold his soul to Schumer and the RINO's for no political gain. But, the real issue isn't immigration, it's jobs and the economy and this is where the Republicans fall flat on their faces, rev-up the economy and the votes will come. The other problem with this immigration bill is that it's just not the Mexicans, it's all the other immigrants who are here and can't make ends meet. But, as usual, McCain and the other RINO's just don't get it.

    jmail147 • 12 minutes ago

    How is he polling among conservatives for the next primary ?

    Night_Train • 12 minutes ago

    Eat your own. Hilarious. Who will ever be true conservative enough for you knuckle-draggers?
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    MrGuy Night_Train • 10 minutes ago

    Anyone who supported that Obamacare of an immigration bill is not "one of our own" Nighty-night. When Shumer and Reid support a bill, it's not exactly a Conservative Republican initiative.

    Ray Sexauer • 12 minutes ago

    And down 80% among whites. You're f*cked rubio. You're a disgrace to this country. LIAR. FRAUD. HYPOCRITE.

    Steve Sharkman • 13 minutes ago

    yea, but he's dropped 90% among the legal, hard working, federal tax paying citizens who make this country run.
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    ordinary american • 13 minutes ago

    Now, you too can be a 1%er.

    D.m. Downing • 13 minutes ago

    America is in the midst of a (currently) bloodless coup d'tet. Once the left bring in millions of foreign voters, which they will bribe with taxpayer money, it will be all over and done. The lights of that bright and shining city on the hill will go out forever and the United States will become another stagnant socialist state full of people who have been taught to be helpless. The Republicans, led by Rubio and Ryan, are the junior partners in this coup. We must realize that we do not owe allegiance to this government. We owe allegiance to the constitution, the declaration, and the founders.

    Curly Bill • 13 minutes ago

    So let's see, Rubio is Hispanic, sells out the country on immigration, and his poll numbers among Hispanics go up only 1 percent? Great move there Marco, really paid off for ya huh?
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    Rubio is now damaged goods; he is more suited to be a Used Car Salesman..... I refuse to vote for this man in any capacity; as a matter of fact I will vote for a goof ball Democrat if he is not primaried
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