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    Salt Lake Tribune acknowledges efforts by illegal aliens to

    Salt Lake Tribune acknowledges efforts by illegal aliens to blackmail Utah legislators

    August 29th, 2010 4:42 pm MT

    In a recent editorial defending Utah’s Driving Privilege Card for illegal aliens, the Salt Lake Tribune openly acknowledged that illegal aliens will resort to blackmail in order to defeat Representative Stephen Sandsrom’s Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act.

    According to the Tribune, if Sandstrom’s bill passes, illegal aliens “would be forced to drive without insurance and without learning the rules of the road
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    The Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration

    WHAT is this? a coalition for Illegals

    what snext?

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    We know our Politicians are corrupt....

    But this takes it to new levels. If an invasion force can control our Government officials, it leaves us with no choice, again....

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    Why is anyone surprised...this is how things are done in mexico; this is what this culture of corruption brings north with them. Expect a lot more of the same where ever illegal invaders can amass a sufficient number of invaders in one spot to intimidate and carry out their blackmail against cities and states.
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    This is exactly why these idiots need to be deported!

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