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    San Francisco: The City to publicize its status as sanctuary

    All illegals please go to San Francisco where you are very welcome.

    The City to publicize its status as sanctuary for illegal immigrants
    Joshua Sabatini, The Examiner
    2008-02-28 11:00:00.0

    San Francisco’s “sanctuary
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    Any city making itself a Sanctuary City should lose all Federal and State funding!

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    Hopefully we will be able to download and print out these brochures then hand them out to illegals around here. SF and Nancy Pelosi can have all of them!
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    cut them off

    Yes no federal fundind, no voting rights to anyone residing in the city!
    <div>Do your job and enforce the law!
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    By advertising their status as a sanctuary city and thereby enticing more hordes of illegals to move to SF, these really dumb liberal idiots will learn the hard way what the rest of us already know - illegals bring the horrors of Third World barbarism to any community they colonize. It will be amusing to see these loony liberals drown in their own quagmire!
    [b] If we do not insist on Voter ID, how can we stop illegals from voting?

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    Like bees gathering honey they shall all descend upon San Francisco and form their "concentration camp" they claim we have.

    Then may ICE and Military forces gather them up along with drying up any Federal funding until the area is in compliance with Federal Law.

    It is illegal to aid and abet!
    From the Border Movie:

    I will not sell my country out ~ I WILL NOT!
    I'd like to see that pride back in AMERICA!!!

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