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    San Francisco: Suspect in senseless gang murder should have

    Suspect in senseless gang murder should have been deported

    By:Examiner Editorial
    05/23/11 9:19 PM.

    It would seem San Francisco doesn’t need to bother declaring itself a sanctuary city anymore. If an alleged MS-13 gangbanger who is also an illegal immigrant from El Salvador is arrested on felony charges in the Bay Area and turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation, as federal law requires, the agency might just let him go.

    At first, the deportee would have to wear an electronic ankle bracelet tracking his whereabouts. But soon enough, the ankle bracelet would be removed and he would only be required to personally check in with ICE agents on a regular schedule.

    That is apparently what happened with Davie Jimmy “Loco
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    Older article re this crime.
    Apparently the sfexaminer the only source reporting this

    Alleged MS-13 gangmembers face murder in Daly City killing

    By:Ari Burack
    05/05/11 4:00 AM
    Examiner Staff Writer.

    A federal grand jury in San Francisco has indicted three alleged members of the MS-13 street gang in connection with the killing of a Daly City man last year, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday.

    Alexander Temaj-Castanon, 26, an employee at a San Francisco barbecue restaurant, was fatally shot on his way home from work early the morning of June 21, according to police. He had just stepped off a Muni bus shortly after midnight in the 6200 block of Mission Street in Daly City when he was shot once in the head.

    Temaj-Castanon was believed to have been mistaken for a gang member, police said.

    On Tuesday, following a lengthy investigation by Daly City police and federal immigration authorities, the grand jury returned indictments in the case against Davie Jimmy Mejia-Sensente, 26, of Daly City; Carlos Mejia-Quintanilla, 21, of San Francisco; and Luis Amilar-Zanas, 32, of San Francisco, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

    If convicted of murder in aid of racketeering, they could face life in prison or the death penalty, according to the office.

    The indictments allege the three men are members of Mara Salvatrucha, a dangerous international criminal enterprise originating in El Salvador that has spread to several U.S. cities, including San Francisco and Daly City. A faction of the gang operates in San Francisco’s Mission district around 20th and Mission streets.

    Prosecutors allege the men have conspired to kill both actual and suspected members of other gangs, along with people suspected of cooperating with police.

    Daly City police Sgt. David Mackriss said the morning Temaj-Castanon was killed he was riding a bus with two men suspected in the homicide. During the trip, he was believed to have spoken with the men, who might have questioned him about gang affiliation, Mackriss said.

    Mackriss said Temaj-Castanon had tattoos, but they were not gang-related and he was not a member of a gang.
    “Unfortunately, there’s really no right answer once the [gang affiliation] questions come up,
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    The way

    The way I see it, whomever is responsible for his release is also partly responsible for any additional crimes he commits in these United States...In essence they are party to murder now...

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    I agree paul it would be nice to see a law where those of authority who come into contact with people like this and turn a blind eye are held responsible for their lack of aperant concern over the situation

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