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    San Juan police say salon was front for illegal Mexican immigrant prostitution ring

    San Juan police say salon was front for prostitution ring

    Illegal immigrants from Mexico

    by Hannah Linn

    Authorities said services at a San Juan salon went beyond painting nails and getting a massage.

    San Juan polie said they received several tips about illegal activity at Melissa’s Nail and Massage off East FM 495.

    Investigators told Action 4 News that women working there were offering sexual favors for cash.

    One woman identified as Nubia Avalos allegedly offered to have sex with an undercover officer for $150 dollars.

    Police charged Avalos and salon owner Patricia Limon with prostitution.

    Investigators said Limon was taking a $40 dollar cut off the girls sexual deals.
    Rolando Garcia with the San Juan Police Department spoke with Action 4 News about the investigation.

    "We are working in conjunction right now with federal authorities for the mere fact that we want to make sure that this isn't any sort of human trafficking organization where they're crossing females over for sexual favors to pay off their debts,” Chief Garcia said.

    Police said both Avalos and Limas are illegal immigrants from Mexico.
    Avalos is being held on a $5,000 dollar bond while Limon is behind held under a $25,000 dollar bond.
    San Juan police say salon was front for prostitution ring : News :
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    that not new's look around we have this In NYC also hello wake the hell up why every state & every town & city
    has this hello wake the hell up
    No Amnesty Or dream act