Published: 10.09.2007
Sanctions law to spur mass exodus?
The Associated Press

PHOENIX - Clergy, immigrants and immigrant advocates say that most illegal immigrants are taking a wait-and-see attitude on upcoming enforcement of Arizona's new employer-sanctions law.

Others say the state's move to crack down on undocumented workers has led some of them to leave Arizona for other states or back to Mexico.

Carlos Flores Vizcarra, the consul general of Mexico based in Phoenix, said he doesn't believe a large exodus of immigrants has yet materialized. There is ample evidence, however, that many are preparing to return to Mexico or move to other states.

"What I am seeing is an increasing number of Mexican nationals coming to the consul to get documents," Flores Vizcarra said. "This is what I would call a process of preparation. They are getting ready to leave, some of them."

Immigrant advocates said many want to see whether two lawsuits aimed at blocking the sanctions law are successful while others want to see how it will be enforced.

If a large scale exodus does happen, it probably won't occur until December, just before the law takes effect Jan. 1, say religious leaders and others.

By then, a federal ruling could be handed down on lawsuits that claim the sanctions law should be struck down on the grounds that it is unconstitutional.

"There is no doubt that people have left, but I see no evidence of massive leavings," said Alfredo Gutierrez, who hosts a popular talk-radio program for immigrants on the Spanish radio station La Campesina (88.3 FM). But certainly people are really talking about it. Some are thinking about going back to Mexico, he said.

The law passed the Legislature this year and was signed by Gov. Janet Napolitano on July 2.

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1. Comment by Roland T. (astroman) — October 9,2007 @ 12:40AM

That's right, these criminal invaders are waiting to see if La Raza and other left-wing supporters of illegals can stop this new law from being enforced.

2. Comment by Brian H. (Brian F) — October 9,2007 @ 6:26AM

The new employer sanctions law is sending people who are illegally in this country back to where they came from? GOOD, that's exactly the point.

3. Comment by James R. (Texas) — October 9,2007 @ 6:38AM

Sounds great. Irving Texas, the police are pulling a Joe and it seems to be working. They are running.